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A new generation of durable Polyurethane is available for applications exposed to harsh environments. This durable Polyurethane offers superior & long-term retention of designed performances.

Durable Polyurethane

For many Polyurethane based applications, it is real challenge to provide superior & long-term retention of designed performances, with no modification of initial properties after being exposed to harsh environments.

Now, a new generation of durable Polyurethane is available.

The Polyurethane produced from Eternacoll® Polycarbonate diols is superior to the one produced from Polyether-diol or Polyester-diol in terms of durability. Why? Because it can provide outstanding performances, such as:

Tick mark Excellent water resistance
Tick mark Increased chemical and stain resistance
Tick mark High thermal stability / lower yellowish
Tick mark Improved mechanical properties
Tick mark Very good scratch & abrasion resistance, and others!

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