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In the past few decades, plastics have made health care simpler and less painful and made new techniques and prostheses possible. By focusing on hot concepts such as healthcare, surgical, medical products and packaging, biocompatible plastics products. The use of plastics have revolutionized the field of medicine making patients safer, and procedures simpler. Plastics have also contributed to a reduction in medical costs.

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Dec 19, 2006 | Industry News

Lustran Polymers Products Meet Stringent Requirements of Medical Industry

Materials used in the production of medical devices must be screened for biocompatibility, ensuring that they do not cause adverse local or systemic effects in the body. The Lustran Polymers...

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Aug 9, 2006 | Article

Medical Tubing Prognosis is Healthy as Plastic Applications Grow

Ever since plastic medical tubing first appeared in the 1940s as lower cost replacements for glass and metal tubes, this market has expanded steadily. Today, plastics are the dominant tubing...

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Apr 5, 2006 | Article

Packagers Turn to Heat-Shrink Labels for a Competitive Edge

Heat-shrink plastic labels for packaged foods, beverages and other consumer products are rapidly gaining momentum as marketers seek to differentiate their products on crowded store shelves. Covering...

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Nov 29, 2005 | Article

Self-lubricating Plastic Gears Challenge Metals

Plastic gears are replacing metal gears at an ever-accelerating rate in all the standard gearing applications -- automobiles, home appliances, industrial machinery, computers and electronics, and...

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Jul 27, 2005 | Article

Packagers Seek Longer Lasting, more Selective Barrier Films

Barrier resins for packaging applications are plastic films that protect the package contents from infiltration of gases, such as oxygen or water vapor, that may cause spoilage or degradation of the...

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Dec 18, 2006 | Industry News

Micro Forceps and Scissors for Ophthalmic Surgery

In total, eight of the single-use operating instrument's individual components are made of Makrolon®. A highlight of the instrument range is a version with luminous forceps made of polycarbonate...

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May 17, 2006 | Article

Polycarbonates See Healthy Growth in Medical Applications

Polycarbonates are among the fastest growing plastic resins in the medical device and packaging field, largely due to a favorable combination of cost and performance factors. Typical properties of...

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Dec 28, 2005 | Article

Laser Welding Adds New Dimension to Plastics Processing

Laser welding is a technique for joining thermoplastic sheets, films or molded parts using the heating power of laser beams to melt plastic at the interfaces. First demonstrated in the 1970s, laser...

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Aug 10, 2005 | Article

Polymers Help Rebuild Damaged Body Joints

Demographic changes in the industrialized countries, in particular the growing proportion of older people in the population, are increasing the number of patients being treated for degenerative bone...

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Apr 6, 2005 | Article

Plastics Make New Inroads in Medical Field

By SpecialChem

Plastics play a prominent and growing role in the medical device and packaging industries. One asset of plastics in medicine is their relatively low cost compared to competing glass and metal...

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