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GreenCore Partners with Optima Colour for Distributing its NCell™ Natural Fiber Composites in Europe

SpecialChem / Jun 29, 2011

Optima Colour and GreenCore Composites Inc. has announced a distribution agreement by which Optima Colour will be the official distributor of GreenCore's NCell™ Natural Fiber Composites for consumer and industrial markets in Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada.

  • GreenCore NCell™ natural fiber thermoplastics are a family of high-performance Lignocellulosic thermoplastic compounds for injection molding and extrusion.

  • NCell™ compounds are supplied in standard pellet form, and may be used as drop-in replacement on existing tooling and molding equipment.

  • NCell™ 40 compounds offer up to a 100% increase in mechanical properties such as tensile strength, when compared to other commercially available Natural Fiber Composites such as those manufactured from hemp, flax, and wood flour.

  • In many applications, NCell™ 40-PP is capable of replacing glass-reinforced polymers.

Tyler Kilgannon, VP Marketing and Development for Optima Colour explains, "GreenCore NCell™ products allow Optima to continue to bring innovative technologies to injection molders and profile extruders while continuing our commitment to developing green plastics solutions."

"This is an important step to make a real penetration in the North American market as Optima Colour has extensive customer exposure, allowing for our NCell™ compounds to be a utilized as a drop in replacement for current fiber reinforced and virgin polymers," adds Sam Hasan, VP Marketing and Business Development for GreenCore.

About GreenCore Composites

GreenCore Composites is a Cleantech manufacturer of natural fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials for companies seeking more environmentally friendly and advanced "green" materials to mold or extrude products ranging from automotive parts to rigid containers, sports equipment and furniture. NCell materials, a combination of microfibers and thermoplastic polymers, are uniquely strong and meet the need for lightweight products that use less energy to mold, reduce tooling wear and provide cost savings when compared to glass reinforced polymers. These advance materials are manufactured in Mississauga, ON.

About Optima Colour

Optima Colour is a Cambridge Ontario Canada based producer of custom color concentrates, specialty additive master batches and compounded resin systems. Optima Colour also produces an extensive range of environmentally conscious masterbatches and compounds under its GreenPlanet product range for film, sheet, molding and extrusion applications. Optima Colour is recognized for its unmatchable customer attention, reliable service and unique product offering.

Source: GreenCore Composites

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