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New Friction Pullers from Progressive Components Advance Parting Line Control

SpecialChem / Nov 4, 2008
Friction Puller
Friction Puller

Progressive Components, a leading supplier of components to the production tooling industry, introduces its new Friction Puller for parting line control.

Progressive's Friction Puller advances parting line control by improving mold life cycle and performance over other methods.

Unique features not found with competitors' models include:

  • Internal venting - no extra through holes and no additional machining in the back of the mold is required
  • Self-locating - designed to allow the resin assemblies to self locate, even if plates shift due to thermal expansion or machining variances.
  • Indicator Arrows - remove guesswork during installation and adjustment

"Our Friction Pullers have been tested in the field and proven to function smoothly, with limited adjustment, even after a million cycles," said Wayne Hertlein, Applications Engineer at Progressive. "That kind of durability, combined with our exclusive venting and self-centering features, proves out this product's value to the customer."

Source: Progressive Components


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