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Objet Exhibits High-resolution Desktop 3D Printers at Queensland Manufacturing Show, Australia

SpecialChem / Jun 23, 2011

BRISBANE, Australia -- Objet Geometries Asia Pacific Ltd., a subsidiary of Objet Geometries Ltd., one of the innovation leaders in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, is currently showcasing its latest affordable desktop 3D Printers Objet24 at its partner's-XYZ Innovation booth (Stand L38) at Queensland Manufacturing Show. In collaboration with its partner, XYZ Innovation, Objet is presenting its latest desktop 3D Printers Objet24 at the exhibition. Objet24 is the first high resolution desktop system to print ultra-precision details straight from the office desk. It offers designers and product engineers the convenience of high-quality 3D printing in-house at an affordable price. Objet24 is designed for the office environment, providing low-cost 3D printing without compromising model quality and accuracy.

Objet family of 3D printers use patented inkjet-based technology to jet ultra-thin layers of photopolymer materials onto the build tray where each layer is cured with UV light. The process delivers models which can be handled immediately, with exceptional accuracy and allowing also complex geometry, including thin walls, overhangs and even moveable parts.

Queensland Manufacturing Show is offering visitors the opportunity of face to face contact with major suppliers of the latest technologies available. The show showcases the latest technologies in conventional and CNC machine tools, sheet metal working equipment, cad/cam software, programming systems and general industrial engineering products.

About Objet Geometries

Objet Geometries Ltd., one of the innovation leaders in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing provides 3-dimensional printing systems that enable manufacturers and industrial designers to reduce cost of product development and dramatically shorten time-to-market of new products.

Objet's ultra-thin-layer, high-resolution 3-dimensional printing systems and materials utilize PolyJet polymer jetting technology, to print ultra-thin 16-micron layers. The market-proven Objet Eden line of 3D Printing Systems and the Objet Alaris30 3D desktop printer are based on Objet's patented office-friendly PolyJet Technology. The Objet Connex multi-material family is based on Objet's PolyJet Matrix Technology, which jets multiple model materials simultaneously and creates composite Digital Materials on the fly. All Objet systems use Objet's FullCure® materials to create accurate, clean, smooth, and highly detailed 3D parts.

Founded in 1998, Objet serves its growing global customer base through offices in USA, Mexico, Europe, Japan, China and Hong Kong, and a global network of distribution partners. Objet owns more than 50 patents and patent pending inventions.

Source: Objet Geometries

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