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SR Packaging Launches SAN & PET Jars for Packing its Cosmetics Products

Published on 2011-08-02. Author : SpecialChem

Different sorts of plastics have been making their way into more and more products lately, due to the fact that many companies are becoming more conscious of the materials they use for their packaging. Each has benefits and drawbacks, one of the primary reasons SR Packaging has released a new line of jars available in either SAN or PET-G, and according to the specific needs a company indicates when it decides to purchase a packaging range.

The new range of jars is first and foremost available is SAN, which offers a thick wall feel and good heft, particularly useful for high end products that need to convey a sense of stability and gravitas. The price is very attractive and much lower than products made of the more common PMMA.

Alternatively, the jars can be made of PET-G, a popular version of PET that can also be produced with a thick wall. The price tag is a bit higher, but the incredibly high clarity of the material means it can be offered as a viable glass substitute, and the fact that it's 100% recyclable is a great draw for companies seeking to clean up sustainability figures.

In either case, companies can select the option that best fits their plans and decorate the jars using industry-standard techniques like hotstamping, silk-screening, custom colouring and more.

About SR Packaging Inc.

SR packaging is an international company that provides packaging solutions and innovations. The company has three factories and offices in USA, Taiwan and China. They provide service to the major beauty products industries.

Source: SR Packaging Inc.

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