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StyroChem® Introduces Biodegradable EVRgreen™ Expandable PS Resin for Packaging

SpecialChem / Jun 10, 2011

StyroChem®, one of the leading global manufacturers of expandable polystyrene (EPS), has announced the introduction of their newly developed EVRgreen™ product line. It's the first EPS resin with EcoPure® technology. "EVRgreen™ is an exciting new environmentally minded product. It's an investment in the future of our planet and the many industries impacted by the limitless uses for the EVRgreen™ resin," notes Glenn Wredenhagen, President of StyroChem®. "This breakthrough promotes the biodegradation of the many foam products we use in our everyday lives. Foam has always been recyclable in the few communities with facilities, but now we have an exciting new breakthrough that productively completes the life cycle of foam. Consumers can now rediscover and get excited about foam."

The majority of discarded plastics end up in biologically active landfills. Microorganisms found in these landfills are the key to the biodegradation of EVRgreen™ expandable polystyrene resin. These microorganisms interact with the resin's chemistry to break down the polystyrene at the molecular level.

"Our new EVRgreen™ resin will enhance a variety of end-use products across various industries which include protective packaging for consumer products, containers for foodservice and diverse custom applications," adds Wredenhagen. EVRgreen™ has been shown to biodegrade an average of 14.2% in the first 133 days of testing under conditions that simulate a biologically active landfill, using the ASTM D5511-11 test. EVRgreen™ resin has been shown to promote biodegradation while still preserving the superior performance characteristics of traditional EPS resin.

About StyroChem®

StyroChem® is one of the world renowned producers of Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) for food service, packaging, construction, casting and specialty applications. With strategically located sites in Montreal, QC Canada and Fort Worth, TX USA, StyroChem® is ideally positioned to service the North American and export EPS markets. Over 35 years of experience dedicated to manufacturing EPS for a variety of applications results in the most consistent and highest quality EPS products in the world.

Source: StyroChem®


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