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Maximizing Moisture Resistance in Structural Epoxy and Polyurethane Adhesives

Maximize moisture resistance of your structural epoxy and polyurethane adhesives by reviewing new raw materials and best strategies that will impact moisture resistance without lowering other...


US Food Contact Regulation: Good R&D Practices for Easier Compliance

Structure your knowledge on FDA regulation regarding food contact materials & get guidance to upgrade your regular R&D practices for faster compliance: substances selection, contact conditions, cost...


Heat and Cold Seal Adhesive Coatings for Packaging

Size down the number of adhesive candidate formulations by understanding which chemistry (ethylene vinyl acetate, polyurethane...) and additives (tackifiers, plasticizers...) will best meet your...


Polymers in Photovoltaics: Innovations & Opportunities

Get updated on the current Photovoltaics landscape and opportunities arising from latest conductive and plastic material innovations (for front/back sheets, encapsulants, film substrates...


Creep Failure: Prediction and Prevention Strategies

Easily solve 20% of your plastics failures by detecting creep origin and prioritizing your solving efforts right from the start. Jeffrey Jansen will help you set up a reliable failure prevention...


EU Food Contact Regulation: Migration Testing, Declaration of Compliance & Liability Issues

Get expert insight on best strategies to ensure compliance with EU Food Contact regulation: Select and perform migration tests for optimal data generation flexibility at minimum cost Prepare...


Plastics Materials & Technologies: Quick update for Industry New Comers

Increase your confidence in the plastics industry with a structured and ready-to-use overview of existing materials, technologies and key factors impacting performance/cost ratio. This is a good...


Plastics for Electrical & Electronics: Latest Trends & Opportunities

Get updated on latest developments and explore new routes to address growing demand of plastics in E&E devices (light weight, heat resistant materials, recycling & reuse…) by benefiting from an...


The Characterization of Waterborne Adhesives

Accelerate your waterborne adhesives developments by better characterizing polymers and adhesive formulations using common parameters (Tg, molecular weight…). David Horwat will discuss how to link...


Selecting Plasticizers for Adhesives and Sealants Formulation

Limit time spent on your plasticizers selection with a structured review of best suited chemistries vs applications. Ed Petrie will also share a testing and validation process to evaluate...


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