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Method of Producing a Fastener Element, Apparatus for Producing the Same, and Product

Application Date:
Mar 16, 2017
USPTO Patent:
US 15312099

A monofilament having, in cross section, a first width and a second width being orthogonal to the first width and being greater than the first width is helically wound about the circumference surface of the mandrel....

Takumi Arai, Toyama (JP)
Yoshihiro Kohsaka, Toyama (JP)
Takahiko Aoki, Toyama (JP)
Takashi Mori, Toyama (JP)
International Classification:
A44B 19/42 (20170316); A44B 19/12 (20170316); B29D 5/06 (20170316); A44B 19/40 (20170316)


What is claimed is:

1. A method of producing a helical fastener element from a single monofilament, comprising: helically winding a flattened single monofilament about the circumference surface of a mandrel along the axial direction of the mandrel, said flattened single monofilament having, in cross section, a first width and a second width being orthogonal...



The present disclosure relates to a method of producing a fastener element, an apparatus for producing the same, and a product. The product maybe a fastener stringer or a slide fastener.

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