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Application Date:
Mar 16, 2017
USPTO Patent:
US 15361609

The toothbrush has a handle, a neck and a head. In the handle there is a first hard component which has a metallic covering. At least in regions, the metallic covering has a covering of a second hard component.

Peter GROSS, Sempach-Stadt (CH)
Christian HILFIKER, Triengen (CH)
International Classification:
A46D 3/00 (20170316); B29C 45/17 (20170316); B29C 37/00 (20170316); C25D 3/12 (20170316); C25D 3/38 (20170316); C25D 3/48 (20170316); C25D 3/04 (20170316); C25D 5/54 (20170316); C25D 5/34 (20170316); C23C 14/24 (20170316); C23C 14/34 (20170316); C23C 16/44 (20170316); A46B 9/04 (20170316); A46B 15/00 (20170316); B29C 45/16 (20170316)


What is claimed is:

1. A method for producing a toothbrush with a handle part, having a first hard component, a neck part, adjoining said handle part, and a head part, carried by said neck part, in which the first hard component is formed by means of injection molding or multi-component injection molding and...


This is a Continuation of application Ser. No. 12/311,975 filed Dec. 2, 2009, which in turn is a U.S. National Phase Application of PCT/EP2007/010312 filed Nov. 28, 2007, which claims the benefit of EP 06024727.7 filed Nov. 29, 2006. The disclosure of the prior applications is hereby incorporated by reference...

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