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Liquid Crystal Polymer: Techno Brief

This technology brief features key facts about Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP). It includes strengths, limitations, processing guidelines, properties and applications of Liquid Crystal Polymers.

Liquid Crystal Polymer

Liquid Crystal PolymersLiquid Crystal Polymer (LCPs) is a unique class of partially crystalline aromatic polyesters based on p-hydroxybenzoic acid and related monomers. It is obtained by dissolving a polymer in a solvent (lyotropic liquid-crystal polymers) or by heating a polymer above its glass or melting transition point (thermotropic liquid-crystal polymers).

Liquid crystal polymers are basically built up from rigid molecular units called mesogens which are linked by covalent bonds to construct macromolecular chains.

There are two most common types of LCPs:

  • The main chain LCP (mcLCP) – Mesogens are incorporated into the macromolecular backbone.
  • The side chain LCP (scLCP) – Mesogens are attached onto flexible polymer chain


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