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Innovative Lights and Lighting Concepts for LED Lens

SpecialChem / Apr 28, 2011

Polycarbonate with its optical, mechanical and technical properties is ideally suited for the manufacture of light guides and optical lenses for LEDs. For this reason grades have been tailor-made to provide very high transmission and extreme resistance to the white light from high performance LEDs. Using a new cost-effective production concept developed at the same time, complex LED optics with large step changes in wall thicknesses can now be manufactured with high precision. LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) that emit white light are expected to experience strong growth. They use less energy than incandescent or gas discharge lamps and have a much longer service life. They have great application potential for example in street lighting, building illumination, advertising displays and liquid crystal displays. Automobile lighting already uses LEDs. For example the headlamps of some Toyota Lexus LS600h and Audi R8 models are already equipped with them. This new technology has also made its way into rear and interior vehicle lighting systems. Polycarbonate has excellent application potential in the manufacture of lens systems and light guides for LEDs due to its optical property profile, thermal as well as mechanical resilience and glow wire resistance.

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