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Nov 18, 2008 | Article

New ultra high temperature performance PEEK/TPI blends

The American material producer Victrex plc has developed a new proprietary series of high performance blends that is commercialized under the trade name Victrex MAX-Series. These new materials are...

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Jul 9, 2007 | Article

An innovative thermoplastic material: TPI i.e. thermoplastic polyimide

The American materials producer GE Plastics has just introduced what it is calling its first new resin since introducing Ultem® polyetherimide (PEI) in 1984. In fact the firm has developed a new...

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May 23, 2008 | Article

New PEEK/TPI blend

The American materials producer Victrex has introduced a new high performance blend of polyetheretherketone and thermoplastic polyimide (PEEK/TPI) specially designed for applications requiring high...

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Rigid PVC Molding Defects: How to Solve Splay, Blush, and Peel

Troubleshoot faster these look-alike molding defects with a logical solving approach. You'll save time and you'll have results!


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