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A new generation of Clear PP is available for transparent applications: it provides a cost-competitive, sustainable solution and delivers higher performance and easier processing versus other transparent materials.

Cost Competitive

Transparency is no longer limited to thin or highly complex parts.

Clear Polypropylene
Now, thicker PP parts can have the appearance approaching that of glass or amorphous polymers. Milliken's Millad® NX8000 used in clear PP enables the substitution of more expensive or less functional clear materials, and increases the clarity of current polypropylene materials.

The use of Millad® NX8000 offers a step change in haze reduction compared to existing plastics clarifiers, leading to a clear PP that demonstrates 50% better clarity than the current industry standard (Figure 1.)

PP clarified with Millad® NX8000 provides designers and specifiers a cost-effective new material for packaging upgrades, re-designs, or to meet environmental packaging considerations.

Clear PP haze continuum
Figure 1: Clear PP haze continuum

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