A new generation of durable Polyurethane is available for applications exposed to harsh environments. This durable Polyurethane offers superior & long-term retention of designed performances.

Durable Polyurethane

For many Polyurethane based applications, it is real challenge to provide superior & long-term retention of designed performances, with no modification of initial properties after being exposed to harsh environments.

Now, a new generation of durable Polyurethane is available.

The Polyurethanes produced from ETERNACOLL® polycarbonate diols and ETERNATHANE® polycarbonate-based polyurethane prepolymers are superior to the one produced from Polyether-diol or Polyester-diol in terms of durability. Why? Because it can provide outstanding performances, such as:

Tick mark Excellent water resistance
Tick mark Increased chemical and stain resistance
Tick mark High thermal stability / lower yellowish
Tick mark Improved mechanical properties
Tick mark Very good scratch & abrasion resistance, and others!

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Case Studies from Durable Polyurethane

Produce high-performing and durable elastomers with low-viscosity polycarbonate-based urethane prepolymers

UBE ETERNATHANE® low viscosity polycarbonate-based urethane prepolymers can be handled in manufacturing processes with limited raw materials to use due to the viscosity where standard polycarbonate-based countertypes are out of range. Using polycarbonate-based urethane prepolymers will allow manufacturers to produce polyurethane elastomers with maximized hydrolytic, solvents and chemical resistance, abrasion and scratch resistance as well as optimized properties retention.


Five Reasons To Use Eternathane® Prepolymers To Produce High Performing And Durable PU Parts

Manufacturers are being challenged to produce highly performing and extremely durable polyurethane parts, especially in applications such as in the oil and mining industry, industrial machinery, seals, and other industries requesting durability to harsh working conditions.

UBE Eternathane® polycarbonate-based urethane prepolymers allow manufacturers to produce longer lasting and high performing polyurethane parts, in order to avoid downtime and increase productivity.


How to improve performance and endurance of your Polyurethane elastomers roll covers?

Elastomer rollers can be used to protect, squeeze, feed, insulate or convey products. However, many polyurethane compounds change in hardness and mechanical properties under varying operating conditions, such as exposure to heat and chemicals. This stability issue leads to reduced efficiency, more defects in production, more maintenance and more regular replacement of parts.


Extreme durability of Polyurethane cast for the oil & mining industry

Oil and mining companies are looking to extend the life of their asset to sustain supply. It becomes then critical in the oil & mining industry to benefit from a Polyurethane inner cast that can resist to very harsh environmental conditions such as severe abrasion and extreme thermal, chemical and hydrolytic attacks. Superior durable Polyurethane is a must-have for this type of application!


Maximize the endurance of PU adhesives for industrial protection footwear

Polyurethane adhesives are broadly used for attaching the upper shoe to the sole. But when it comes to industrial protection footwear, you have to make sure that you use the best Polyurethane adhesives that can resist to severe chemical attack and extreme conditions. Eternacoll® Polycarbonate Diols significantly improve the performance of waterborne and solvent-based Polyurethane adhesives. Indeed, they bring an improved resistance to severe ageing and extreme chemical attack for long lasting and high performance industrial footwear adhesives.



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