Liquid Silicone Rubber is a low viscosity and high purity thermoset elastomer maintaining mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures (from -50°C to 250°C). This heat-cured elastomer provides excellent optical clarity, durability and design freedom. This innovative transparent material serves diverse applications such as high power LED lighting, electronics, automotive lighting and many others.

5 wrong ideas about Liquid Silicone Rubber

Are you still hesitating to replace your current solution with ultra clear liquid silicone rubber? What is your main reluctance of considering this innovative material in your application?

See below 5 wrong ideas about using ultra clear liquid silicone rubber, and make the right choice for your application!

Ultra Clear LSR is a new material with limited track record: WRONG

Do you have concerns about this new material being too recent to ensure long term performance? There are proven track records about Ultra Clear Liquid Silicone Rubber, some professionals have already adopted this material and proven success in their applications.

Ultra Clear LSR will increase my processing cost: WRONG

You should not only take the price of the material into consideration, but think of the overall process. The main advantage of LSR is that you can integrate multiple parts into a single one, meaning that you can drastically reduce the assembly cost. In addition, you will be able to boost your productivity by decreasing cycle time, reducing material waste, and using smaller machines.

I will not be able to create rigid pieces: WRONG

Several grades of liquid silicone rubber offer diverse range of hardnesses from 5 to 90 Shore A (and up to 42 shore D). Therefore, this innovative material allows the conception of rigid parts where a certain level of stiffness and impact resistance are required.

I cannot design complex parts with Liquid Silicone Rubber: WRONG

Thanks to the possibility to fill tiny areas and create very precise structures with ultra clear liquid silicone rubber, you can easily design complex parts and benefit from more design freedom!

LSR will not fit my requirements in terms of transparency: WRONG

Are you facing issues to get optical clear pieces in your application? Liquid silicone rubber is considered to be as clear as glass, thanks to its transparency of 94% at 2mm thickness slab. Also, LSR will not lose transparency overtime with heat and UV exposure. For this reason, this material is a perfect fit for a broad range of applications requiring high optics properties such as LED lighting.

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