CET® is a range of transparent styrene-acrylic copolymers (SMMA). These materials combine the aesthetic quality and mechanical properties of  acrylic resins while combining the cost efficiency of styrenics. CET® is an excellent cost-efficient alternative to PC/PMMA or PS/clear PP upgrade.

Styrene acrylic copolymer: mixing the benefits of styrenics with the optical quality of acrylates

What is CET® - Styrene Acrylic copolymer?

CET® is a range of styrene acrylic copolymers. It is a cost-competitive transparent resin with gorgeous and glossy surface display. Its advantages are the cost-attractiveness and processing convenience of styrenics enhanced with the high aesthetic quality of acrylics. CET® is ideal to produce transparent items, such as tumblers, glassware, etc...

Its mechanical performance ensures a very good durability in day-to-day life conditions, well balanced with practical toughness. However, if abusive use is expected on your project or application, make sure to assess its performance for unbreakable claims.

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Case Studies from SMMA - styrene-acrylic copolymer

Single-use Medical Syringes benefit from Crystal-Clear Clarity and Crack Resistance of CET® SMMA

Because safety and prevention are at the heart of medical applications, especially when in contact with the human body, the industry continues to move toward disposable products to avoid any contamination. These safe disposal products include single-use medical syringes. 

Manufactures of single-use medical syringes need tough polymers that can withstand high temperatures, sterilization, gamma radiation. They also value a material that offers excellent clarity for aesthetic appeal and that can be dropped with no concern of breakage. The right material solution also needs to be available at a reasonable cost that is acceptable for a disposable part. Currently, transparent materials like PMMA, SAN or PC cannot provide this combination of benefits at a reasonable cost.

Dowload this case study to learn more about a solution that is an ideal combination between processing ease, typical to styrene polymers, and the crystal clarity of straight acrylic!


Design gorgeous yet cost-effective promotional items like champagne ice bucket thanks to CET® resin

Top-brand owners look permanently for promotional campaigns to keep their position in the consumers’ preference while solidifying their presence as high quality standards.

A prestigious champagne producer decided to offer a luxury logo-printed ice bucket to its customers who purchased several bottle packages. He needed a cost-effective yet beautiful transparent resin as the ice bucket would represent the brand and the champagne’s quality and reputation.

They evaluated CET® SMMA resins which delivered a more interesting cost/aesthetic balance than PMMA for instance. Download the case study to get the full story.


They developed cost-effective double-walled tumblers by replacing PET with SMMA

A residential glass producer was using PET-G to inject double-walled tumblers. Thanks to the excellent impact resistance of PET, the producer claimed his glasses unbreakable but the glasses were too expensive.

He wanted to find a less expensive resin, with glossy surface and good impact resistance to drops while being also resistant to dish washings. He have found it in SMMA.


They have chosen CET® SMMA for glossy transparent disposable razors

Resirene CET® SMMA resin has been selected by a key company for brand new disposable razors. Learn more about the unique combination of good mechanical properties, glossy/transparent aesthetic and attractive cost-effectiveness of CET® through this case study.


How to develop cost effective and high quality household drinkware made of transparent SMMA

A kitchenware manufacturing company approached Resirene to develop new partyware, such as beverage dispenser and cake plates. They were looking for a material with...



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