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TORELINA™ polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) polymers offer a unique balance of thermal resistance and chemical resistance that exceed the performance of engineering thermoplastics.  TORELINA™ PPS is available as both linear and branched, with various filler packages, and as optimized blends.  These polymers are suitable for industrial water management components, thermal management including electrical applications, heavy truck, and automotive, as well as food service and other industrial applications.

Polyphenylene Sulfide: Your Polymer Solution for Harsh Environments

The ability to withstand exposure to high heat and humid environments as well as the chemicals that frequently accompany them can pose a performance challenge for many engineering thermoplastics. A loss of dimensional stability and degradation of mechanical properties is common, leading to warpage or breakage of parts, and overall, the inability to deliver the long-term performance required. And in applications in such harsh environments where electrical performance is critical, there is an increased risk of failure.

TORELINA™ Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) provides long-term performance for your plastic parts under extreme conditions

When OEMs and designers need a high-performance engineering thermoplastic that can provide long-term heat resistance combined with excellent chemical resistance, they turn to Toray's TORELINA™ polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) polymers. A semicrystalline polymer, TORELINA™ polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) polymers offer a unique balance of thermal resistance and chemical resistance that exceeds the performance of engineering thermoplastics.

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Injection-moldable and UL94V-0 approved, TORELINA™ PPS resin demonstrates excellent dimensional stability and electric characteristics even in hot and humid conditions. Further, the exceptional mechanical properties of these polyphenylene sulfide polymers remain intact, delivering high strength and high rigidity and low degradation for demanding applications.

What applications use TORELINA™ PPS today?

Many demanding applications benefit from the long-term performance of TORELINA™PPS polymers, such as industrial water management components, thermal management including electrical applications, heavy truck, and automotive, as well as food service and other industrial applications:

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Industrial water management components like water heater parts, pumps, valves, and water supply fittings will benefit from TORELINA™ PPS high heat cycle resistance and dimensional stability in demanding fluid management applications. Converting brass fitting components to TORELINA™PPS with NSF61 can help meet weight savings goals and long-term performance needs.

Access more in-depth technical data on hot water resistance or request samples of recommended grades for these applications: TORELINA™ A673MTB and TORELINA™ A604WR with NSF61. For enhanced long life coolant (LLC) resistance, check out TORELINA™ A504CX1B or TORELINA™ A604CX1B.
Thermal Shock Resistance grades such as TORELINA™ A675GS1B and TORELINA™ A575W20B can help customers meet thermal management demands in several application areas. For high thermal conductivity, Toray offers customized specialty grades that can be tailored to meet your needs. Contact Toray for discussion on which grade could suit your needs.
Food service equipment such as trays, conveyer rollers or belts also benefit from the performance of polyphenylene sulfide.
With its long history of use in automotive fuel systems components, there is no surprise that PPS polymers are also a good fit for applications in the heavy truck segment, such as in hybrid electric vehicle components.

How TORELINA™ PPS differentiates from another PPS?

Unlike polyphenylene sulfide from other suppliers, Toray's TORELINA™ is available
As both linear PPS and branched PPS
With various filler packages
As optimized blends
With NSF ANSI 61 and FDA approval

How TORAY is different from other PPS Suppliers?

Toray offers the ultimate in technical support. OEMs and converters alike can trust Toray PPS experts for the ultimate in technical support thanks to their regional technical centers, providing services that include:
Custom formulation and development
On-site molding and post-processing technical support
Proprietary CAE technologies to help accelerate product design and testing

Contact Toray to discuss your specific needs.


Case Studies from TORELINA™ Polyphenylene Sulfide Engineering Polymers

Enhance performance of polymers with NANOALLOY Technology by Toray

Case study features performance comparison and application examples for three polymer alloys:

PBT/PC, PA6, and PPS. NANOALLOY® technology is an innovative microstructure control technology developed by Toray. This technology can bring about dramatic improvement in characteristics compared to existing materials by minutely dispersing multiple polymers on a nano-metric scale.


Laser Welding Thermoplastics Replace Standard PBT in Sensitive Electronics Components

See how sensitive electronic components can benefit from TORAYCON™ PBT 4151G30HLSG2, the latest generation PBT grade designed by Toray to easily mold and easily laser weld complex designs and intricate electronics parts. For extreme temperature applications above 185°C, TORELINA™ PPS A602LX01 is also suitable for laser welding.


Manage Heat in Industrial and Automotive Applications with TORELINA™ PPS

Thermal management systems for vehicles require light-weight, strong materials with excellent resistance to coolants and high temperatures.

Coolant system parts such as water pumps, water pump impellers, thermostats, and housings for on-road and off-road vehicles need to withstand high temperatures and long hours of harsh coolant exposure.

Design strong, light-weight parts with excellent resistance to coolants and dimensional stability in fluctuating system temperatures with a new generation of PPS from Toray.


TORELINA™ PPS replaces Brass in Hot Water Management - Saves Weight and Cost

Hot water management systems require light-weight, strong materials with excellent resistance to harsh environments. See performance and regulatory approvals for TORELINA™ PPS and comparison of weight and cost savings when converting brass fitting components to TORELINA™ PPS.



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