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TORELINA™ polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) polymers offer a unique balance of thermal resistance and chemical resistance that exceed the performance of engineering thermoplastics.  TORELINA™ PPS is available as both linear and branched, with various filler packages, and as optimized blends.  These polymers are suitable for industrial water management components, thermal management including electrical applications, heavy truck, and automotive, as well as food service and other industrial applications.

Applications benefit from TORELINA® PPS high performance for long-life of components

Many demanding applications benefit from the long-term performance of TORELINA™ PPS polymers. Key applications featured here include industrial water management components that benefit from the heat and humidity resistance of TORELINA™ A604WR, electric vehicle components that benefit from CTI Rank 0 TORELINA™ A660HVB resin offering drastically improved tracking resistance, and electrical components that benefit from high heat cycle resistance of TORELINA™ A575W20B.

Industrial Water Management Components Electric Vehicle Components Electrical & Electronics Components

Industrial Water Management Components

Industrial Water Management Components
Hot water management systems for water heating or water conveyance require light weight, strong materials with excellent resistance to chemicals, high temperatures and high humidity. The ability to deliver long term performance under such harsh conditions is critical to minimize the risk of part failure that could lead to significant downtime and water damage to commercial and residential properties.

Further, these materials need to be easy to mold to meet the needs for complex, intricate parts and must meet the strict global and/or regional regulatory standards for use with water and food. To meet all these requirements, OEMs and designers look beyond typical brass components to high performance engineering polymer like TORELINA™ Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS).

Converting brass fitting components to TORELINA™ PPS with NSF61 and FDA approvals can help meet weight savings and cost savings goals. Parts such as water heater parts, pumps, tubing, valves, plugs, water supply fittings will benefit from TORELINA™ PPS resistance to high temperatures, hot water and humidity, and its chemical resistance that is equal to that of fluoropolymers, specifically to chlorine. Further, TORELINA™ PPS offers excellent pressure and burst strength.

CTI Rank 0 for Electric Vehicles

CTI Rank 0
Tracking breakdown refers to the formation of tracking (a conducting carbonized path) on either or both of the surface and the inside of a molded product due to the combined action of the electrical field and electrolyte contamination, resulting in dielectric breakdown. To determine the tracking resistance, electrodes (an electrical field) are brought into contact with a flat plate shaped test piece and drops of electrolyte are put between those electrodes, such that the voltage that results in dielectric breakdown can be determined, as shown in the schematic diagram. For the tracking properties, the comparative tracking index (CTI) is often used. In the UL standards, the breakdown voltage is classified into six classes (PLCs).

Tracking resistance evaluation
Tracking resistance evaluation (schematic diagram)

TORELINA™ A660HVB resin is a grade that has a drastically improved tracking resistance, as it suppresses the formation of a conducting carbonized path. It has been assigned the highest rank (rank 0) of the UL standards. In practice, the higher the CTI of the insulating material used, the closer two conductive parts can be. The result is often a smaller part, increasingly desirable in technology and industry today.

High Heat Cycle Solutions for Electrical Applications

High heat cycle solutions
Electrical applications typically require metal for conductivity and thermoplastics for insulating properties. The difference in coefficient of thermal expansion between materials when exposed to higher operating or lower environmental temperatures can increase assembly stress into a part resulting in premature failures.

TORELINA™ A575W20B and TORELINA™ A675GS1B resin utilize filler technology resulting in low anisotropic properties. Along with elastomer technology to enhance toughness at low temperatures and optimized polymer formulation for high weld strength performance.

Increase Heat Cycle Resistance up to 200 cycles with specialty grades of TORELINA™ PPS
Toray's specialty TORELINA™ PPS grades A675GS1B and A575W20B resist up to 180 and 200 heat cycles vs only 110 cycles for general purpose PPS as shown in this bar chart below.

Heat Cycle Resistance of TORELINA™ PPS

Torelina specialty PPS


Case Studies from TORELINA™ Polyphenylene Sulfide Engineering Polymers

Enhance performance of polymers with NANOALLOY Technology by Toray

Case study features performance comparison and application examples for three polymer alloys:

PBT/PC, PA6, and PPS. NANOALLOY® technology is an innovative microstructure control technology developed by Toray. This technology can bring about dramatic improvement in characteristics compared to existing materials by minutely dispersing multiple polymers on a nano-metric scale.


Laser Welding Thermoplastics Replace Standard PBT in Sensitive Electronics Components

See how sensitive electronic components can benefit from TORAYCON™ PBT 4151G30HLSG2, the latest generation PBT grade designed by Toray to easily mold and easily laser weld complex designs and intricate electronics parts. For extreme temperature applications above 185°C, TORELINA™ PPS A602LX01 is also suitable for laser welding.


Manage Heat in Industrial and Automotive Applications with TORELINA™ PPS

Thermal management systems for vehicles require light-weight, strong materials with excellent resistance to coolants and high temperatures.

Coolant system parts such as water pumps, water pump impellers, thermostats, and housings for on-road and off-road vehicles need to withstand high temperatures and long hours of harsh coolant exposure.

Design strong, light-weight parts with excellent resistance to coolants and dimensional stability in fluctuating system temperatures with a new generation of PPS from Toray.


TORELINA™ PPS replaces Brass in Hot Water Management - Saves Weight and Cost

Hot water management systems require light-weight, strong materials with excellent resistance to harsh environments. See performance and regulatory approvals for TORELINA™ PPS and comparison of weight and cost savings when converting brass fitting components to TORELINA™ PPS.



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