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UHMW-PE grades offered by Mitsui meet diverse industry needs due to the material's excellent chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and self-lubrication properties.

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene technologies

Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is a semi-crystalline, thermoplastic polyethylene with a molecular mass in the range 2 to 6 million amu. Also known as high-modulus polyethylene, UHMW-PE has extremely long, non-branching, linear chains which transfer the load more effectively to the polymer backbone due to strong intermolecular interactions. This molecular structure results in a very tough material, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made. UHMW-PEs can be characterized by: 

  • Low friction coefficient 
  • High abrasion and wear resistance 
  • Extremely high chemical resistance against concentrated acids, alkali and organic solvents


These superior physical properties of UHMW-PE have made it the material of choice for numerous industrial applications that require durability, low friction, and chemical resistance.

Mitsui Chemicals and Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

Mitsui offers a range of UHMW-PE under the brand names, MIPELON™ and LUBMER™ . The company has a production capacity of 8,500 tons/year to cater to the growing demand in a wide range of industries. Mitsui Chemicals optimizes the properties of its UHMW-PE through the use of its proprietary catalyst and unique processing technology.

Managing the molecular weight and particle size distribution, during production, gives Mitsui UHMW-PEs higher strength and abrasion resistance compared to general high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The abrasion resistance properties of Mitsui UHMW-PE are even superior to some metals such as carbon steel and brass.

Industrial Battery Medical

UHMW-PE grades offered by Mitsui meet diverse industry needs due to the material's excellent chemical resistanceabrasion resistanceimpact resistanceand self-lubrication properties. UHMW-PEs are used in lithium-ion battery separators, industrial materials and medical devices. It matches the essential characteristics of HDPE with added chemical resistance. The material has extremely low moisture absorption and is self-lubricating.  UHMW-PE is odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic which makes it suitable for applications that require FDA compliant grades.

MIPELON™ fine particle UHMWPE Powder

Mitsui’s MIPELON™ UHMW-PE is a very fine polyethylene powder with an average particle diameter range of 10µm - 30µm. The spherical particles of MIPELON enhance the abrasion resistance and lubricity when used as an additive in coatings, rubber compounding and engineering plastics.

Additionally, MIPELON is halogen free, consisting of just carbon and hydrogen atoms, which makes it . The MIPELON range of UHMW-PE presents revolutionary solutions to the conventional fine powder additives market.

  • Enhanced abrasion resistance
  • Improved chemical resistance
  • Better impact strength
  • Improved self-lubrication
  • Improved Processability

LUBMER™ High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

LUBMER™ is an injection and extrusion moldable UHMW-PE, developed using Mitsui Chemicals' proprietary polymerization technology.

In addition to being self-lubricating, LUBMER™ has high mechanical strength, low water absorption and high abrasion resistance compared to other specialty engineering resins such as Acetal resin (Polyoxymethylene) and nylon (PA66). This wear resistant material is used in a broad range of applications including automotive parts, electronics and building materials.

  • Low friction coefficient
  • Self-lubrication
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good impact strength
  • Superior heat and water resistance


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