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3D printing has already proven its worth in the plastic industry and grows further in terms of innovative processes, use of tricky polymers and different temperature ranges. The new methods and material are helping in developing plastic parts or objects cost-efficiently and rapidly.

This channel contains the recent advances in a new method and machine development, process optimization and product development (Filaments, 3D Printable Resins and Polymer Powders, and Sustainable Polymers apt for 3D printing). You may also find the breakthrough research projects that are developing plastic parts with challenging designs and materials.

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Jun 24, 2021 | Industry News

Solvay and Partners Launch Additive Manufacturing Competition

Solvay is partnering with L’Oréal and Ultimaker to launch the third edition of its international Additive Manufacturing (AM) Cup competition. The contest gives students, engineers and manufacturers...

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Jun 24, 2021 | Article

How Vapor Smoothing Takes the Surface Quality of 3D Printed Parts to the Next Level

By SpecialChem

Take the quality of your 3D printed parts to match the surface finish achieved through injection molding. Watch the on-demand webinar to get in-depth view of vapor smoothing and discover real-life...

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Jun 21, 2021 | Industry News

Scientists Develop Self-sensing PEEK Using 3D Printing Techniques

A University of Glasgow-led team of engineers have used 3D printing techniques to add new properties to a plastic known as polyether ether ketone, or PEEK. The new form of lightweight...

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Jun 17, 2021 | Industry News

Stratasys Launches Printers for Research and Packaging Prototyping

Stratasys has announced two new PolyJet™ 3D printers, the Stratasys J35™ Pro and the Stratasys J55™ Prime, along with new software solutions for research and packaging prototyping...

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Jun 14, 2021 | Industry News

SABIC & Local Motors Conduct Feasibility Study on Waste 3DP Thermoplastic Parts

SABIC and Local Motors have completed a joint study on the feasibility of recycling scrap thermoplastic parts and shavings from the 3D printing process. The study explored more sustainable...

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Jun 10, 2021 | Industry News

Arkema to Acquire 10% Stake in E3DF, a Specialist in Large-series Additive Manufacturing

Arkema will acquire a 10% stake in ERPRO 3D FACTORY (E3DF) to gain new expertise and accelerate the development of new applications for its high-performance polymers. E3DF is a French company that...

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Jun 8, 2021 | Product News

CRP Technology Launches High-strength Composite for Professional 3D Printing

CRP Technology launches a new material from Windform® TOP-LINE range, the polyamide-based Carbon fiber filled composite Windform® RS for professional 3D printing, for powder bed fusion process with...

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Jun 8, 2021 | Product News

Formlabs Introduces Nylon Material for Impact-resistant End-use Parts

Formlabs introduces Nylon 11 Powder, a high-performance nylon material ideal for functional prototyping and small batch production. Available for use on the Fuse 1, Formlabs’ high performance...

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Jun 4, 2021 | Industry News

Hexcel Presented Composite Product Innovations at JEC Composite Connect

Hexcel promoted a wide range of composite innovations for customer applications in aerospace, automotive, wind energy, recreation, and marine markets at JEC Composites Connect, a two-day digital...

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Jun 1, 2021 | Product News

3D Systems Launches 3DP Materials with Long-term Environmental Stability

3D Systems has introduced four brand new materials to change the game for the customers using Figure 4 printers. These new production-capable materials are engineered to make the 3D printing...

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