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This Channel aims to give technical solutions to optimize your cost and the efficiency of your Rapid Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping solutions. Rapid prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing processes include selective laser sintering (SLS), stereolithography (SLA), fused deposition modeling (FDM), 3-dimensional printing (3DP), and laminated object manufacturing (LOM). Compared to other rapid manufacturing methods, Selective Laser Sintering can produce parts from a relatively wide range of commercially available powder materials, including polymers (nylon, also glass-filled or with other fillers, and polystyrene). While it began as a way to build prototype parts early in the design cycle, Selective Laser Sintering is increasingly being used in limited run manufacturing to produce end-use parts (rapid manufacturing). 

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Aug 26, 2010 | Industry News

NREL Seeks Design Tools for Better Electric Drive Vehicle Batteries

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is seeking proposals to create computer models to help build and improve electric drive vehicle (EDV) batteries. The...

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Aug 17, 2010 | Industry News

Shrink Nanotechnologies Forms Shrink Chips LLC to Commercialize Suite of Biomedical Research Tools

Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc. announced the formation a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Shrink Chips LLC, which is dedicated to the commercialization of a suite of next-generation biotechnology...

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Aug 5, 2010 | Industry News

EOS Offers Powder-to-Product Manufacturing with Laser-sintering for Unmanned Systems

EOS, a leading manufacturer of laser-sintering systems, will showcase unique, complex aircraft components, many of them impossible to create using traditional manufacturing processes, at the...

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Jul 7, 2010 | Industry News

Porvair Launches New Porous Plastic Moulding Technology

Porvair Filtration Group has recently developed a new molding technology which can enable company to rapidly produce good quality porous plastic components with part-to-part uniformity up to the...

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May 19, 2010 | Article

Significant Weight Reduction for Minimal Cost Increase

With only 3% increase in component cost, Lotus Engineering has helped reduce the vehicle mass of Toyota Venza crossover utility vehicle (CUV) by 33%, and fuel consumption by 23%. To achieve this...

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Aug 24, 2010 | Industry News

3D Systems and Dassault Systèmes Ink Partner To Promote Use of 3D for Product Design

3D Systems announced that it has signed an agreement with Dassault Systèmes to become a Technology Partner in its Immersive Virtuality Network. Under this agreement both companies will jointly...

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Aug 6, 2010 | Industry News

Objet and 3Shape Offer Dental Labs a Seamless CAD/CAM Design-to-Production Solution

Objet Geometries, a leader in 3D printing, together with 3Shape A/S, a leader in 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions for the Dental Industry, announced the availability of a jointly developed...

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Aug 3, 2010 | Article

Testing Mobile Devices Gets Safer with Carbon Black Dummy Hand

To safeguard technicians from radio waves emitted by mobile phones during testing, IndexSAR wanted a dummy of a human hand made of carbon black. IndexSAR specializes in test systems for management...

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Jun 14, 2010 | Industry News

De Montfort University To Build A Machine to Print Plastic Parts from Powder

A £750,000 project, involving DMU's Rapid Manufacturing and Prototyping Group, will develop a new machine which can produce complex plastic parts on demand. The project, called Selective Laser...

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May 13, 2010 | Industry News

New Stereolithography Resin from DSM Exhibits Performance Similar to Engineered Thermoplastics

To enhance stereolithography (SL) performance for additive manufacturing, DSM Somos has introduced Somos® NeXt resin. Parts produced from Somos® NeXt are ideal for use in functional testing...

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