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The ongoing growth of competitive appliance market drives brand owners, product designers and manufactures to discover innovative ways to satisfy consumer - and differentiate products and brands. Plastics inspire this innovation. By focusing on hot concepts such as plastic design for instance.

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May 5, 2015 | Article

Innovative Electrical and Electronic Breakthrough Technologies

By Donald Rosato

The E&E market ranks as the 3rd largest plastics end use market, only exceeded in volume size by packaging and building and construction, yet the E&E sector uniquely crosses over all of the twenty...

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Nov 29, 2013 | Article

K2013 Review: Polymers Offer More Sustainable Solutions

By Thibaud Deleger

The famous world's first Plastics & Rubber Kunststoffe Trade Fair took place in Düsseldorf, Germany from October 16 - 23, 2013. And once again the K Exhibition was a true success. Among the event...

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Mar 18, 2013 | Article

Novel Ceramic Additive Packages Enable Lower Cost Thermally Conductive Plastics

By Donald McNally

Heat is the enemy. Since the time of Thomas Edison, electricity has played an ever-increasing role in our daily lives to the point where our civilization comes to a grinding halt when the power...

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Jan 13, 2012 | Article

Barrier Film Acts as Sunscreen Lotion for Flexible PV Modules!

Evonik Industries has launched a new barrier film called FLEXOSKIN® for the protection of flexible photovoltaic modules. This highly transparent film transmits visible light but blocks harmful UV...

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May 24, 2011 | Article

LEED Leading Green Revolution of the 21st Century in USA

The 21st century will be an intriguing and eventful period as several frontiers of technology will encounter a paradigm shift from the current technologies that exist today. The key drivers for this...

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Feb 1, 2014 | Article

Automotive Interiors Voted as Market Requiring Highest Scratch Resistance Performance

As highlighted by the recent Click'N Vote of Omnexus, Automotive is voted as the market that requires highest scratch resistance performance. What comes first to mind, and this is confirmed by major...

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Jun 10, 2013 | Article

Two-shot Molding with TPE Enables Innovative Design, Novel Features

By Donald McNally

Although it's been a half-century of the standard way of writing words on paper, there are still people who like to use fountain pens. Some modern manufacturers now market the fountain pen as a...

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Nov 5, 2012 | Article

Multi-market Focused Stiff Plastic Resin Application Solutions

By Donald Rosato

Recent 2011-2012 international plastics trade shows have highlighted a series of super high stiff base resin application solutions from normal through high temperature ranges. Volkswagen and parts...

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Jun 28, 2011 | Article

Market Leading Appliance to Industrial Design Guidelines/Tools

By Donald Rosato

There are approximately 50 major players in the $120 billion global home appliance industry. The top seven Whirlpool, Electrolux, Haier, BSH Bosch & Siemens Hausgeraete, Panasonic, LG Electronics...

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May 19, 2011 | Article

Advances in Solar Cell Materials - Mapping the Starting Points

The global solar or photovoltaic (PV) market will reach 7.8 gigawatts (GW) in 2010 according to Solarbuzz LLC, up from 5.95 GW in 2008. The market for new solar modules is expected to grow to 35 GW...

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