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The ongoing growth of competitive appliance market drives brand owners, product designers and manufactures to discover innovative ways to satisfy consumer - and differentiate products and brands. Plastics inspire this innovation. By focusing on hot concepts such as plastic design for instance.

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Feb 26, 2007 | Article

Halogen-free polyamide grades for household appliances

The German materials producer has added two new grades to its polyamide (PA) assortment in order to comply with the growing demand for halogen-free materials, with the new standard regarding...

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Jan 19, 2007 | Article

New PE protective vest

The Body Armor firm has developed a new bullet-resistant vest using the Dyneema Unidirectional (DU) composite SB61 from DSM. This material consists on several layers of polyethylene fibers having an...

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Mar 7, 2006 | Article

'Super-TPVs' Extend Elastomer Performance Into New Regimes

New classes of high-performance thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) are emerging on the commercial scene. Like other thermoplastic elastomers, these "super-TPVs" combine the properties of thermoset...

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Nov 17, 2004 | Article

Household Appliance Market likes Polymers

The household appliances have accepted plastics early and plastics have opened the door to fast growing of new and traditional household appliances. To-day, plastics can technically and economically...

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SMMA - styrene-acrylic copolymer
CET® is a range of transparent styrene-acrylic copolymers (SMMA). These materials combine the aesthetic quality and mechanical properties of  acrylic resins while combining the cost efficiency of styrenics. CET® is an excellent cost-efficient alternative to PC/PMMA or PS/clear PP upgrade.

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Feb 26, 2007 | Article

New blow molding machines

The plastic processing machines manufacturer Uniloy Milacron has introduced new blow molding machines that include an innovative parison-suction technology to produce elongated and curved 3D-shapes...

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Jan 2, 2007 | Article

Global Appliance Applications Review

A continued strong new-home market and an equally strong remodeling market is keeping the demand for major and small appliances steady, with nearly all categories of large appliances expected to...

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Nov 29, 2005 | Article

Self-lubricating Plastic Gears Challenge Metals

Plastic gears are replacing metal gears at an ever-accelerating rate in all the standard gearing applications -- automobiles, home appliances, industrial machinery, computers and electronics, and...

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Chris DeArmitt

Wednesday Jun 10, 2015

By Chris DeArmitt

Increase your confidence in the plastics industry with a structured and ready-to-use overview of existing materials, technologies and key factors impacting performance/cost ratio. This is a good...

Request For Proposal

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A SpecialChem Client is seeking solutions (material, process, technology or partner) that significantly reduce the skin friction of a personal care device (friction coefficient between device and...

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