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Cost Efficiency
Cost optimization is a high priority in the minds of most of the engineers and designers in the Plastics Industry. Plastics are known as one of the most resource and cost efficient materials available to the society. By focusing on key concepts such as Scrap rate reduction, Plastic durability or weatherability, Part weight reduction...

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Nov 8, 2016 | Product News

Expansion of Cost-effective Foamable Polymers Portfolio by SABIC for Auto & more

SABIC regards polymer foam technologies as essential to meet growing needs for improvements in sustainability/efficiencies along global production & supply chains. SABIC is expanding portfolio to...

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Nov 4, 2016 | Industry News

Synthetic Leather Made with BASF’s TPU Makes Car Seats More Comfortable

Car seats can now be more comfortable with synthetic leather made with BASF’s cost-effective Elastollan® TPU. Ultra-soft synthetic leather is highly abrasion resistant & helps manufacturers meet...

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Oct 26, 2016 | Product News

PLEXIGLAS® PMMA from Evonik for Crystal-clear LED Covers for Economic Lighting

Evonik’s Performance Materials Segment offers PLEXIGLAS® PMMA specifically for crystal-clear LED lenses and covers. Evonik offers special PLEXIGLAS® products for economic lighting. Also material is...

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Oct 12, 2016 | Product News

PC+ABS Blend from Covestro for Stylish Automotive Interiors at K 2016

Helping in lowering material cost and weight, Covestro’s Bayblend® T85 XF polycarbonate/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (PC+ABS) resin blend is an ideal thermoplastic for rich, piano black...

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Sep 30, 2016 | Product News

Solvay’s Metal-replacing Polyarylamide Meets Key Industry Std. for Aircraft Interiors

Solvay announced that its Ixef® BM-1524 polyarylamide (PARA) meets key industry standards for use in aircraft interiors. This is a cost-effective metal alternate to conventional plastics for...

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Nov 7, 2016 | Industry News

New Tech. Platform by Natur-Tec & NatureWorks for Performance Compostable Serviceware

Natur-Tec & NatureWorks has introduced a jointly developed technology platform that lowers cost of compostable serviceware while increasing its performance. New technology platform – based on Ingeo™...

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Oct 28, 2016 | Product News

New Weight-reducing ABS/PC Blend by ELIX Polymers for Automotive Applications

ELIX Polymers has introduced a new generation ABS/PC blend to meet the needs of the automotive industry. Cost-effective ELIX Ultra HH 4115 HI ABS/PC can help to achieve major weight reductions...

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Oct 24, 2016 | Industry News

Cost-efficient Light-weight Auto Module Prototype by Covestro at K 2016

Covestro supports the trend in the automotive industry towards lightweight components with customizable Class A surfaces that can be fabricated economically in a single step. At K 2016, company is...

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Oct 4, 2016 | Product News

Trinseo Launches 85% LGF PP for Lightweight Semi-structural Auto Applications

Trinseo has launched its cost-effective, metal-replacing 85% Long Glass Fiber (LGF) Polypropylene (PP) concentrate product family for automotive semi-structural applications. ENLITE products are...

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Sep 28, 2016 | Industry News

Mitsubishi Rayon/Fiberline JV: Cost-effective Carbon Fiber Composite Laminates

Mitsubishi Rayon and Fiberline Composites A/S have recently announced the formation of a joint venture company for manufacturing and distributing carbon fiber composite laminates for wind turbine...

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