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Durable, lightweight and affordable plastics have helped revolutionize the electrical and electronics products we rely on every day. Plastics have been the building blocks and stepping stones of Electrical & Electronics industry. Engineering plastics and high performance polymers progressively play a critical role in the production of electric & electronic (E/E) components.

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Dec 15, 2016 | Industry News

Rampart Develops Victrex’s PAEK-based Cost-effective HPHT Electrical Connectors

Rampart Products has selected cost-reducing VICTREX HT™ PAEK polymer for a new HPHT (high pressure-high temperature) KTK (Kintec) electrical connector for the efficient and safe transmission of...

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Dec 7, 2016 | Industry News

Specialty Chemicals Mkt Share to Reach USD 1273 Bn by 2024: Global Market Insights

According to Global Market Insights the specialty chemicals market had a share of USD 830 bn in 2015 and is estimated to reach USD 1273 bn by 2024. Automotive and electronics are one of the major...

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Dec 6, 2016 | Industry News

Global Epoxy Resin Market to Grow at CAGR of 6.9% from 2016-2021: Zion Research

Global Epoxy resin market is expected to reach USD 11.22 Billion by 2021, according to Zion Research report. Electrical & Electronics, composites for automotive, aerospace, construction, wind energy...

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Nov 28, 2016 | Industry News

Carbon Nanotubes Market to Grow at a CAGR of 18.6% from 2016-21: Zion Research

According to Zion Research report, carbon nanotubes market accounted for USD 2.36 Bn in 2015 and is expected to reach USD 5.31 Bn by 2021. Electrical & electronics segment accounted over 20% share...

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Nov 22, 2016 | Industry News

Amcor's High-clarity Solvay’s ECTFE-based Frontsheets Used for Marine Solar Panels

Solvay announced that cost-effective highly transparent PV frontsheets extruded by Amcor using Solvay’s Halar® 500 ECTFE resin have enabled Solbian Energie Alternative to develop its innovative new...

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Dec 8, 2016 | Industry News

Global Nanotechnology Market to Reach USD 90.5 Bn by 2021: BCC Research

Global nanotechnology market is expected to reach USD 90.5 billion by 2021 from USD 39.2 billion in 2016, growing at a five-year CAGR of 18.2%. Biomedical, electronics and consumer applications...

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Dec 7, 2016 | Industry News

Step-by-Step Guide for NHFR Polymers Used in E&E by DuPont Performance Materials

DuPont Performance Materials has recently published a new E&E White Paper, a step-by-step guide to the latest materials that comply with tough non-halogen, flame retardant (NHFR) requirements, looks...

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Nov 29, 2016 | Product News

High-Performance Silicone Solutions by Dow Corning for LED Lighting at LED Expo

Dow Corning's authorized distributor in India, Kevin Electrochem, will showcase innovative and high-performance silicon-based solutions from Dow Corning for LED lighting at LED Expo. Also, Dow...

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Nov 24, 2016 | Industry News

Rigid Polymethacrylimide Foam Capacity Expansion by Evonik for Sandwich Composites

Evonik will invest in capacity expansion of ROHACELL® PMI Foam business at production site in Darmstadt, Germany. PMI foam is used in sandwich composites in automotive, electronics, medical...

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Nov 21, 2016 | Industry News

Efficient Fabrication of Polymer Nanofiber Assembly via Thermal Nanoimprint Lithography

A number of methods are currently available to prepare polymer nanofiber arrays (PNFAs) with desirable properties with potential applications in optical, automotive, electrical and more. One such...

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