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High temperature plastics bring the superior properties of polymers to bear, even at high permanent operating temperatures. Heat resistant plastics are a light, versatile alternative to metal, ceramics and older-generation polymers. High performance plastics meet higher requirements than standard and engineering plastics because of their better mechanical properties, higher chemical and/or higher heat stability.

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Jun 12, 2017 | Industry News

Solvay's PSU Enables MTTS to Innovate Integrated Bubble CPAP Machine for Infants

Solvay has recently announced that its biocompatible Udel® P-1700 polysulfone (PSU) has helped MTTS Company Ltd. to innovate its new cost-effective Dolphin Bubble CPAP machine, which combines the...

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May 31, 2017 | Industry News

DuPont’s Perfluoroelastomer Seals – Single Sealing Solution for Low & High Temperature

At this year’s Industrial Valve Summit event DuPont presented a paper on the results of their research into low and high temperature elastomeric sealing systems for valves in harsh environments such...

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May 25, 2017 | Industry News

Electrically Conductive PEEK Promises Functional 3D Printed CubeSat Structures

European Space Agency has 3D printed PEEK CubeSat structures incorporating their own electrical lines. With a melting point up around 370ºC and comparable to metals printable PEEK is made...

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May 18, 2017 | Industry News

More Durable & Energy Efficient Heat Exchanger with Solvay’s PFA for Coal Plants

Solvay has announced that its advanced Hyflon® perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) fluoropolymer enabled Beijing Xinshiyi Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Company to develop more efficient and...

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Apr 28, 2017 | Product News

Polyplastics Develops New DURAFIDE® PPS Grades with Improved Heat Shock Resistance

Polyplastics has developed new DURAFIDE® PPS grades, 6150T73 and 6150T8 with heat shock resistance for automotive sector. New PPS grades help reduce the frequency of metal mold maintenance and...

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Jun 8, 2017 | Industry News

BASF’s First Heat-resistant Polyamide Application - Alfa Romeo Turbocharger System

BASF has introduced its heat-resistant [up to 220°C] polyamide Ultramid® Endure in two new powertrain applications on the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia: the air intake manifold with integrated charge air...

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May 31, 2017 | Industry News

Solvay’s Ryton® PPS Shows Strong Compatibility with Ford ULV 25 Transmission Fluid

Solvay has announced that recent research confirms that several grades of its Ryton® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) polymer demonstrate strong compatibility with Ford’s ultra-low viscosity ULV 25...

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May 22, 2017 | Industry News

Clariant/Huntsman Merge in Equals to Create Specialty Chemical Company

Clariant and Huntsman Corporation have recently announced that their Boards of Directors unanimously approved a definitive agreement to combine in a merger of equals through an all-stock transaction...

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May 5, 2017 | Product News

Thermoplastic Polyester by A. Schulman Opens New Doors for Circuit Board Designs

With outstanding heat distortion resistance, high performing and economical thermoplastic polyester by A. Schulman opens new doors for use in the protection layer of surface mount circuit boards...

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Apr 19, 2017 | Product News

Solvay’s Metal-replacing PPS Grades Attain Regulatory Potable Water Contact Approvals

Solvay’s two cost-competitive Ryton® PPS grades have been certified for drinking water contact. New grades having superior resistance to prolonged hot water exposure up to 140°C expand Solvay’s...

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