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In the past few decades, plastics have made health care simpler and less painful and made new techniques and prostheses possible. By focusing on hot concepts such as healthcare, surgical, medical products and packaging, biocompatible plastics products. The use of plastics have revolutionized the field of medicine making patients safer, and procedures simpler. Plastics have also contributed to a reduction in medical costs.

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Jul 9, 2007 | Industry News

Skymark uses new Arnitel VT thermoplatic elastomers in Skyair and Skyair breathable membranes

Skymark Performance Films Limited (Scunthorpe, U.K.), employs Arnitel® VT thermoplastic ether ester block copolymer elastomer (TEE-E) film technology materials from DSM Engineering Plastics, in...

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Jun 28, 2007 | Industry News

Peak International Enters Medical Products Market

Peak International Limited, a market leader in plastics design, engineering, production and supply chain solutions,announced its entry into the medical consumables market. The company also announced...

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Jun 26, 2007 | Article

The Use of Polyurethanes In Medical Device Applications

Raw materials, including resins are not approved per se, by FDA. In fact, the great majority of medical devices entering the market today are never actually approved by FDA. Instead, manufacturers...

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Jun 18, 2007 | Industry News

Precision Tubing Extrusion Line Running at Plastec/MD&M East Conair Teams with Other Exhibitors to Demo Medical Application

A working extrusion line configured to produce the precision small-diameter medical tubing used for heart and brain catheters was showcased in Booths 2254 and 2256 at the Plastec-East/MD&M-East show...

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Jun 5, 2007 | Industry News

GE Plastics' Portfolio Addresses Key Trends in Powered Medical Devices from Miniaturization and Aesthetics to Regulatory Compliance and Alternate Processing Capabilities

GE Plastics offers a broad portfolio of materials that address the leading trends in powered medical devices...

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Jul 6, 2007 | Article

New range of rigid-rod amorphous thermoplastic

The Belgian materials producer Solvay Advanced Polymers (SAP) has developed a new range of rigid-rod, amorphous thermoplastics based on substituted 1,4-polyphenylene composed of carbon-carbon-aryl...

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Jun 26, 2007 | Industry News

DSM Introduces Arnitel® Vapour Transmission Films

DSM Engineering Plastics has introduced Arnitel® VT for the manufacture of breathable films. Arnitel Vapor Transmission films are ideally suited for roofing applications, textile applications and...

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Jun 18, 2007 | Article

An innovative shell for surgical helmet

The American firm Associated Thermoforming, Inc. has developed an innovative thermoformed shell for a surgical helmet that has won an award on the occasion of the latest SPE Thermoforming Conference...

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Jun 13, 2007 | Article

New process to produce self reinforced plastic parts

On the occasion of the latest Composites Europe 2006 tradeshow in Germany, the UK firm Aptiform has unveiled a new cost-effective process allowing the production of self-reinforced plastic parts...

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Jun 1, 2007 | Industry News

Alcan Packaging Kreuzlingen obtains ISO 15378 quality certification

Alcan Packaging Kreuzlingen announced that it passed the new ISO quality standard 15378:2006 certification in February 2007. Alcan Packaging Kreuzlingen is the first pharmaceutical flexible...

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