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Plastics processing optimization is on high priority in the minds of most of engineers and designers in the Plastics Industry. In the last few decades, plastics have become the most dominant engineering material for most products. Parts once thought of as impossible to create using plastic, are now being designed with polymers at a higher rate than ever before. Plastic parts are lighter and afford more design flexibility.

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Jun 8, 2015 | Industry News

Bayer Advices PUR Insulation Meets Sustainability Goals of High-performing Walls

Efficient insulation is a key component in reducing a structure’s energy consumption. PUR insulation systems & technologies can help architects, specifiers, design professionals & other...

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May 18, 2015 | Industry News

Bayer Highlighted Economic and Supply Chain Benefits of DC/DS Technology at AutoEPCON

Bayer's DC/DS technology is a one-step, combined molding process that can efficiently produce parts with customizable color, texture and comfort. The DC/DS technology combines conventional...

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May 12, 2015 | Industry News

ENGEL at DKT/IRC: To Demonstrate System Soln Expertise via Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Extremely compact, precise and economical – this spectrum of characteristics makes it possible for the new rubber injection molding machine from ENGEL AUSTRIA to produce O-rings and flat gaskets...

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Apr 7, 2015 | Product News

Amcor Earns WorldStar 2015 Packaging Award for Industry's Lightest Hot-Fill PET Container

Amcor Rigid Plastics has been honored by the WorldStar 2015 Packaging Awards Competition for the development of the industry’s lightest heat-set polyethylene terephthalate (PET) container, sponsored...

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Apr 6, 2015 | Industry News

ENGEL at PLAST 2015: To Demonstrate Injection Molding Solutions for Enhanced Productivity

With highly integrated and automated system solutions from a single source ENGEL increases product quality and manufacturing efficiency. ENGEL will demonstrate how this can be translated to practice...

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May 29, 2015 | Industry News

DSM's Polyamide Used in Antenna Splitters of Xiaomi Mi4

Stanyl® ForTii™, a high-performance polyamide from DSM, is being used in frame splitters of Xiaomi Mi4. Metal frame design is an important feature for trendy and rugged high-end smartphone. DSM...

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May 14, 2015 | Industry News

Nägeli Swiss AG Picks Huntsman’s Araldite® CF-reinforced Composite to Develop Trumpet Bell

Araldite® composite resins from Huntsman have been used by Nägeli Swiss AG to develop a trumpet bell that is set to revolutionize music industry. Nägeli Swiss AG were first to develop a trumpet bell...

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Apr 17, 2015 | Industry News

Dyna-Purge’s Lava-Shield™ Protective Purge Guard Improves Plant Safety of Injection Molder

Lava-Shield™ is a revolutionary new device designed to capture molten plastic purges and create a safer environment for personnel and equipment in plastics processing operations. Lava-Shield™ was...

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Apr 7, 2015 | Industry News

Dyna-Purge® Introduces Lava-Shield™ Protective Purge Guard for Smart Purging

The Dyna-Purge® Division of Shuman Plastics, Depew (Buffalo), NY, introduces Lava-Shield™, a revolutionary new device designed to capture molten plastic purges & create a safer environment for...

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Apr 6, 2015 | Industry News

LANXESS Installs Demonstration Cell for Processing Tepex Thermoplastic Composites

LANXESS subsidiary Bond-Laminates takes into operation a demonstration cell for processing Tepex continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites at the Brilon site. The new facility will...

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