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Rubber Replacement

The aim of using plastics as rubber replacement is to achieve a maximum weight saving in individual components or parts by means of the design, the material selection or the method of production. By focusing on key concepts such as TPE, TPO, TPV elastomer, SBS, SEBS... this Channel aims to provide engineers and designers with technical solutions to replace rubber with plastics. 

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Jul 3, 2007 | Industry News

Significant System Cost Reductions in Rubber Replacement

In a recent clean air duct application where Arnitel® PB 582-H from DSM Engineering Plastics replaced rubber, the move yielded for a weight reduction of 50% and cycle time reduction of 50% compared...

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May 22, 2007 | Industry News

RTP Company’s Thermoplastic Elastomer Products Made Available at China Facility

RTP Company, a global leader in specialty compounds, has added new thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) capabilities to its Suzhou, China manufacturing facility. These TPE compounds are based on five...

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Feb 5, 2007 | Industry News

Shin-Etsu Chemical has Developed a Thermally Conductive Silicone Rubber Sheet with Super-low Hardness

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed and begun to market a new super-low hardness thermally conductive silicone rubber sheet, a product called the "TC-SP-1.7 Series"...

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Jan 9, 2007 | Industry News

Phoenix Sealing Technology Showcases Self-adhesive and Root-resistant Resitrix Waterproofing Membranes

Phoenix is presenting its products from February 5 to 10 together with the companies Foamglas and Zinco Benelux. The focus will be on the tried-and-tested self-adhesive and root-resistant synthetic...

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Chris DeArmitt

Wednesday Jun 10, 2015

By Chris DeArmitt

Increase your confidence in the plastics industry with a structured and ready-to-use overview of existing materials, technologies and key factors impacting performance/cost ratio. This is a good...

Jun 20, 2007 | Industry News

ExxonMobil Chemical Company Announces Manufacturing Facility for New Specialty Compounds for Tires

ExxonMobil Chemical Company announced it will begin construction of a facility to manufacture new specialty elastomer compounds that can improve the durability of tires, make them lighter weight by...

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Mar 21, 2007 | Article

New nitrile PVC materials for window sealing applications

The UK poly(vinyl chloride) compounds producer Dugdale has launched two new nitrile poly(vinyl chloride) compounds under the trade name Ducaseal® PVC/NBR. These new materials that have been...

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Jan 29, 2007 | Article

Plastic-rubber composite within polyamide and EPDM

The plastic producer Degussa has launched a new composite material designed especially to be used in polymer, the polyamide-6,12 from Degussa, together with rubber, an ethylene, propylene and diene...

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Oct 12, 2005 | Article

Aerospace Structural Composites Soar to New Heights

Plastic composites in the aerospace industry were once confined to exterior aircraft linings, the leading and trailing edges of wings, galleys and other non-structural applications. But today...

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A SpecialChem Client is seeking a cost-effective alternative technology for PVC rubber hose...

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