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Jun 23, 2017 | Industry News

Arkema Rejoices 70th Anniversary of 100% Biobased Rilsan® Polyamide 11 Brand

Arkema is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the invention of its flagship Rilsan® polyamide 11 series of high performance polymers. At the celebration Arkema will present the spectacular history...

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Jun 20, 2017 | Product News

Biosuccinium®-based Polyurethanes for Sustainable Auto Products: Reverdia at PSE Europe

Reverdia will join leading polyurethanes (PU) manufacturers to display a range of biomaterials at PSE Europe 2017 in Munich, Germany. These innovative Biosuccinium®-based polyurethanes have a...

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Jun 14, 2017 | Product News

New Long-chain Bio-polyamides for High Technical Applications by RadiciGroup

At Performance Polyamides 2017, RadiciGroup specialists focused on long-chain bio-polyamides for automotive sector, which not only meet the market’s high technical performance needs, but also...

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Jun 7, 2017 | Industry News

Elimination of Sea Pollution in 3 Weeks - Bio-on’s Revolutionary New PHA Technology

Bio-on has presented its new technology, Minerv Biorecovery, which enables hydrocarbon sea pollution to be eliminated within approximately three weeks. World Bank Group will support Bio-on in...

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Jun 7, 2017 | Industry News

Breakthroughs in Film and Rigid Packaging with NatureWorks’ Ingeo Bioplastic

In terms of barrier properties, strength, heat resistance, material source reduction, and a range of functional characteristics, NatureWorks and its customers are extending the application range of...

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Jun 23, 2017 | Industry News

Design Freedom with Renewably-sourced TPE from HEXPOL TPE for Bed Slat Holders

Grund GmbH & Co. KG expands their traditional product offering by using Dryflex Green thermoplastic elastomers from HEXPOL TPE in their new generation bed slat holders. The series opens up...

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Jun 14, 2017 | Industry News

Biodegradable Plastic Made from Sugar & Carbon Dioxide: Bath Scientists

In a recent research, Bath scientists have shown that some biodegradable plastic can be made using sugar and carbon dioxide. This new type of polycarbonate is transparent, bio-compatible and can be...

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Jun 13, 2017 | Industry News

Virtually Indestructible Sport Drink Bottle Made of Transparent Biopolymer by Evonik

LUDAVI drink bottle is the ideal new companion for all sports fans. Made of the transparent TROGAMID® Terra biopolymer [a microcrystalline polyamide made with more than 50 percent renewable raw...

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Jun 7, 2017 | Industry News

Renewably-sourced New Biodegradable PLA Fibers Replace Polyester in Fabrics

The FIBFAB project, coordinated by AIMPLAS, will allow obtaining sustainable and biodegradable textile fibers made of PLA to replace polyester with advantages such as higher breathability, lower...

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Jun 6, 2017 | Industry News

New Plasticizing System Optimized for Processing PLA by Nordson Corporation

Nordson Corp. has introduced a plasticizing system optimized for processing PLA bioplastics that provides greater productivity and better product quality than standard screw and barrel systems while...

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