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Alliance Polymers Introduces Economical TPE Grades for Less Demanding Application

Published on 2011-06-28. Author : SpecialChem

ROMULUS, MI -- Alliance Polymers & Services LLC (APS), the North American distributor of Maxelast® brand of TPEs, has introduced their new line of P2 thermoplastic elastomers to help designers and processors significantly reduce their TPE costs with low prices for less demanding applications.

Applications of Maxelast® P2 TPEs

"Rising prices across the board for thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) prompted technicians at Maxelast to develop a series of low-cost grades that process, perform and look like more expensive grades," said Ron Sheu, Marketing Manager - TPE, APS. "They are ideally suited for designers and processors who don't necessarily want or need the increasingly high prices for overmolding (onto PP) or stand-alone applications such as tool grips, pen grips and other stationery products, personal care items, other stationery products and luggage handles."

"As marketers and manufacturers continue to be squeezed by raising prices of engineering and specialty polymers, the introduction of the Maxelast P2 line of TPEs, offered at up to 30% less than they currently are paying means they can either hold, or reduce, end product pricing to remain competitive. Maxelast has been able to achieve this pricing breakthrough by using the latest production efficiencies and keeping extra/not needed elements out of the formulations."

Features and specifications of the new P2 low end Maxelast TPEs include good colorability, a Shore A hardness range of 20A to 90A, a tensile strength of 120 psi (ASTM D412) and a tear strength of 340 pli. APS can provide samples on request for molding trials and can ship small to large production runs of the TPE.

About Alliance Polymers & Services, LLC

Alliance Polymers & Services, LLC (APS) in Romulus, MI, is a service warehousing, distribution, shipping and technical service organization dedicated to helping TPE, TPU and other elastomer marketers and processors with all their product and technical support needs. The firm currently markets and supports Polymax Maxelast® TPEs and BASF Elastollan® TPUs. APS is unique in that they offer elastomer materials in quantities large and small (from truckloads down to drums and bags).

Source: Alliance Polymers & Services, LLC

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