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Asahi Kasei to Discontinue Its Clear Styrenic Block Copolymer Business

Published on 2021-08-30. Edited By : SpecialChem

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asahi-clear-resin-discontinued Asahi Kasei has decided to discontinue its business for Asaflex™ clear styrenic block copolymer. Asaflex™ has been manufactured at Asahi Kasei’s Kawasaki Works since 1982 and supplied to customers around the world for some 39 years.

Asaflex™ is characterized by both superior transparency and high impact resistance. As the polybutadiene-phase (i.e., the rubber-phase) dispersion in Asaflex™ is on a finer scale than the wavelength of visible light, Asaflex™ has flexibility and hinge characteristics while maintaining high transparency.

Asaflex™ can be used in various molding methods such as injection, extrusion, inflation molding and etc. just same as styrenic resins. It can also be used for shrink film applications with high elongation.

Reason for Discontinuation

Recently, however, with the deterioration of its profitability caused by environmental factors such as obscure business prospects in major markets, it has become difficult to formulate a strategy for future expansion. The decision was thus made to discontinue the business.

Under the Cs+ for Tomorrow 2021 medium-term management initiative, Asahi Kasei is transforming its business portfolio for sustainability and high added value. The allocation of management resources is prioritized based on the four perspectives of high profitability, high market growth, priority fields for provision of value, and sustainability.

The decision to discontinue the Asaflex™ business was made in light of such perspectives. The management resources of the Asaflex™ business will be reallocated to other businesses.

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Source: Asahi Kasei


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