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Axel's WoldWiz® INT-34DLK Yields Excellent Cosmetic Appearance and Better Release for Injection Molding of POP Plastic Display Trays

Published on 2005-08-30. Author : SpecialChem

WOODSIDE, NY -- A manufacturer of point of purchase display trays credits MoldWiz‚ INT-34DLK, a process additive from Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc., with helping to resolve release and flow problems that were occurring when molding CPS (crystal polystyrene) and butyrate modified styrene.

In addition to resolving the critical molding problems, the manufacturer also reported that MoldWiz INT-34DLK improved the cosmetic appearance of the molded trays, providing excellent gloss and clarity (in the past, flow marks were often apparent at gate areas).

MoldWiz‚ INT-34DLK from Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc, USA improves resin flow, offers easy release when molding CPS and butyrate modified styrene with an excellent cosmetic appearance for POP display trays.
These trays hold items such as: cosmetics, sunglasses, or other consumer items and ensure that items slide forward as they are removed. MoldWiz‚ INT-34DLK is recommended for a variety of thermoplastic resins, including: PE, PP, ABS, clear styrenics, CPS, TPR, and SBR/NR.


Prior to using INT-34DLK, this manufacturer experienced difficulty in filling and releasing injection molded parts, particularly in products that were molded with CPS (crystal polystyrene) and in styrenics modified with butyrate for increased impact resistance. Many of the trays that were being molded also had thin walls and minimal draft, and this further complicated the release and flow problems.

To compensate for poor flow, molds were routinely over-packed, and this resulted in even more difficult release. Ejector pins were routinely bent or broken, and parts were marred by the excessive force that was used to eject them.

Performance Results

According to Nancy Teufel, AXEL's Technical Support Manager, "By incorporating 0.3% of MoldWiz INT-34DLK, the results were excellent - resin flow increased and parts ejected easily. Incorporating this product permitted the manufacturer to decrease the molding pressures, thereby avoiding the excessive packing that had subsequently resulted in damaged ejector pins."

MoldWiz INT-34DLK is a proprietary formulation of synthetic resins, fatty glycerides and modified organic fatty acids, all of which are sanctioned USFDA 21CFR175.300 (safe for food contact). The process aid additive is available as a powder or a 100% active pellet. Moldwiz INT-34DLK is recommended for a variety of thermoplastic resins, including: PE, PP, ABS, and clear styrenics, as well as TPR, and SBR/NR. Processing enhancements attributed to MoldWiz INT-34DLK include improved resin flow, better cosmetic appearance of molded parts and easy release from the mold cavity.

Axel is a 62-year old, ISO 9001 registered company that offers over 600 process and resin specific process aid additive and mold release under the trade names, Moldwiz‚ and XTEND‰. All of AXEL's products are formulated from raw materials that comply with the chemical substance inventory lists of TOSCA, DSL, METI, EINECS, Australia andKorea. Customers are served both by direct sales and through a network of 32 stocking distributors in 40 countries. AXEL encourages requests for evaluation samples by visiting the company's web site.

Source: Axel

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