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BASF Opens New R&D Facility for Engineering Plastics in Korea

Published on 2021-11-09. Edited By : SpecialChem

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korean-R&D-center BASF opened a new Research & Development (R&D) facility at Ansan, Korea’s Engineering Plastics Innovation Center (EPIC). The new facility houses the combined R&D team and competencies from its recent acquisition of Solvay’s polyamide business, other new competencies, as well as a Consumer Electronics Competency Center (CECC).

Enhanced R&D Capabilities

Through the recent acquisition of the Solvay polyamide business, BASF enhanced its R&D capabilities in Asia Pacific. Its R&D capabilities in Korea include new technologies, technical expertise, and upgraded material and part testing services. More material tests can be done in Korea, and covering a wide range of polymers, including polyamide (PA), Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), and polyoxymethylene (POM). New test methods can be designed to better support customer projects.

Product development capabilities for flame retardant and color grades have been upgraded to meet rigorous industry regulations and market demand driven by eMobility and E&E segments. With the reinforced Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation expertise, BASF can now support more projects linked to efficient cooling systems or reduction of overheating. As such, the enhanced technical skills and R&D capabilities expand BASF’s innovation competencies.

New Research Lab for Upstream Process

BASF has also strengthened R&D capabilities for Ultraform® POM. This includes a dedicated extruder for new product development also improves sampling time efficiency, and the set-up of a new research lab for upstream process and reinforced equipment for faster testing with better testing quality.

Ultraform is primarily used in consumer electronics, automotive, and medical devices, where many key players are located within APAC. It is highly rigid with good resilience properties, excellent chemical resistance, and sliding friction properties, making it ideal for tough applications.

Greater Efficiency & Synergy

Housing the combined R&D team, competencies, and a new material evaluation team under one roof translate to greater efficiency & synergy – which better enables BASF to speed up and capitalize on the combined business when developing advanced customer-oriented products and applications. The synergy between new R&D team in Korea and R&D team in Shanghai will serve the markets around the Asia more efficiently.

The new facility is a clear signal of our commitment to support our customers in developing innovative solutions. Pursuing innovation in new products and applications is our goal. We will leverage the extensive know-how of the combined business to develop advanced customer-oriented material solutions, as well as to drive more projects with our customers,” said Andy Postlethwaite, senior vice president of performance materials Asia Pacific, BASF.

Consumer Electronics Competency Center

The Consumer Electronics Competency Center is the first-of-its-kind competence center that combines product development, state-of-the-art quality control, testing, and Mixed Reality Experience – creating a one-stop advanced manufacturing ecosystem that helps Consumer Electronics brands and OEMs identify the right material solutions for their next innovation.

The CECC is where companies can experience hands-on exposure to an advanced end-to-end material solution production supported by the CECCs ecosystem of partners and technology machines. It fills the gap between material solution R&D and commercialization by letting companies carry out prototyping supported by on-site experts.

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Source: BASF

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