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Bioplastics Manufacturer EcoCortec® Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Published on 2016-06-03. Author : SpecialChem

One of the most advanced bioplastics manufacturers in Europe - EcoCortec® is celebrating its 10th anniversary! The project started in 2006 with greenfield investment by Croatian-American entrepreneur Boris Miksic. Today the plant has evolved in one of the most modern European manufacturers of environmentally safe films for corrosion protection. Continuous business growth is the result of innovative technology combined with high efficiency products and environmentally safe properties.

Fig. 1: EcoCortec®

Only this year the company sales grew by 20.6% compared to 2015 and during the past 10 years the manufacturer has tripled its production capacity. The plant exports more than 90 percent of its assortment to countries of Europe, Asia and USA.

In the past years EcoCortec® has been successfully participating in large European-funded projects. The company played a major role in international 1.1 million Euros worth Marine Clean Project -'Marine debris removal preventing further litter entry', sponsored by CIP EcoInnovation Program. Main goal of the project is preventing hazardous environmental impact of conventional plastic materials discarded at sea, as well as promoting sustainability and innovative technologies. Currently the company is negotiating a partnership in a new 2 million euro project "PLAPAPER" within the Interreg Central Europe Program.

The investor and owner Boris Miksic is thrilled with the results, adding that EcoCortec® for him has a special value: “At one point I felt it was the right time to the transfer my rich business experience to Croatia and start this journey. After 10 years I can safely say not only that I was right but that EcoCortec® has exceeded all of my expectations!” Although still on the road, he is fully involved in all aspects of the business: "We have excellent people, from managers, engineers to production workers.

“Their team proves that Croatia can provide know how technology and its professionals can compete Everywhere in the world” stated the company’s CEO adding that from the very beginning he saw EcoCortec® as a Croatian story of business excellence that will break world boundaries.

About EcoCortec®

The mission of EcoCortec® is to develop eco efficient production of biodegradable materials which combines new technology, high productivity with positive effects on Environment. EcoCortec® believes that it is not good enough to just meet customer needs, you must anticipate them. That is what it means to be an innovator.

Source: EcoCortec®

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