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Branch Technology Reveals 3D Printed 18 Foot Tall Sculpture

Published on 2015-10-09. Author : SpecialChem

Branch Technology recently revealed its latest build at the Museum of Design Atlanta for the Designers, Makers, Users: 3D Printing the Future exhibit. The 18 foot tall sculpture, designed by renowned architect Keith Kaseman of KBAS, shows what is possible when 3D printing at scale.

3D Printed 18 Foot Tall Sculpture
Fig. 1: 3D Printed 18 Foot Tall Sculpture

The approximately 18 foot tall structure, simply named TN-01, is the result of a collaboration between KBAS' Keith Kaseman and Branch Technology. The Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) challenged the two parties to demonstrate the realities of 3D printing for architectural applications. In a little over a month, the combined effort filled the space with a structure that is truly ground-breaking.

With a volume of around 54 cubic feet, the structure was printed using a number of segments and then assembled on site.

The sculpture, dubbed TN-01, sees the architect apply Branch Technology’s recently unveiled C-FAB 3D printing process. The piece is approximately 18 feet tall and has a volume of 54 cubic feet, 3D printed in separate pieces and assembled on site. While TN-01’s function is aesthetic in nature, the size of the piece demonstrates just what’s possible with the C-FAB process, in which a robotic arm is used to extrude plastic that acts as the basis for a building’s structural components. Because this skeleton is extremely light, it can be 3D printed and shipped to construction sites, where it would be sprayed with concrete and insulation before being assembled into a larger structure.

The work represents a pilot project for Branch's freeform 3D printing process. The design challenged and expanded upon Branch's printing capabilities while highlighting how technology can enable new possibilities for designers.

About Branch Technology
Branch Technology is democratizing design; Building like Nature. Branch is dedicated to help you build the space, house, or building of your dreams.

Source: Branch Technology

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