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Calzuro Selects API's TPE to Create Colorful & Lightweight Clogs for Feet

Published on 2011-06-15. Author : SpecialChem


API Spa, one of the leading Italian producers of thermoplastic compounds, has developed API K as part of their well-known MEGOL family of SEBS-based compounds. API K is a special plastic ideally suited to the production of clogs of the kind worn in hospitals by healthcare staff.

This antistatic material prevents the build-up of electrostatic charges which may interfere with sophisticated hospital equipment. It is completely washable and resistant to all commonly used cleaning and disinfectant products as well as being suitable for cleaning and sterilisation in an autoclave at 134° C. API K also has excellent grip which helps prevent accidents caused by slipping on floors covered in either water or detergent. These features along with its unique softness led the famous CALZURO brand to use API K exclusively in the production of their famous clogs.


Originally designed for use in hospital and healthcare facilities, CALZURO clogs have evolved over time and are now produced in a vast range of colours, shapes and designs making them the perfect solution at home or at any time when you really want your feet to feel good. These thermoplastic rubber clogs are comfortable, exclusive and versatile and are not just good for the feet but also create a sense of wellbeing for the entire body because of their soft anatomic massaging insoles that stimulate circulation. Other features of the clogs are a rugged tread pattern for maximum grip and stability, a perforated upper for optimum breathability and a thick sole for excellent insulation.

All in all CALZURO clogs are like luxury for your feet. This exclusive line of practical and lightweight clogs is available in 14 solid colours, 3 twin-tone selections and even with Swarovski crystals for a glamorous, original look.

About API

API was founded in the Northern Italian town of Bassano del Grappa with the aim of producing plastics for the building, refrigeration and packaging industries. API Spa started research, development and production of thermoplastic elastomer compound materials in 1956. The R&D department works with a variety of application sectors and with all of the many polymer product families.


Calzuro has been synonymous with comfort and wellbeing for feet. Initially created to meet the requirements of medical and paramedical staff, today, this footwear is used by everyone, for leisure time and in the home, but particularly by those who spend many hours standing at work.

Source: API

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