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Smart Manufacturing Technologies for E&E Sector at CHINAPLAS 2017

Published on 2017-04-26. Author : SpecialChem

CHINAPLAS 2017 Provides an All-around Technology Platform for E&E Industries
CHINAPLAS 2017 Provides an All-around
Technology Platform for E&E Industries
As market expands, the electronics & electrical industries are promoting healthier, trendier and cozier life experience to customers by introducing functional novelty to their products, such as degermation in refrigerators, self-cleaning and sterilization in air-conditioners. At the same time, new products and concepts, such as intelligent wearable, VR/AR, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), glasses-free 3D and flexible displays provide significant diversity to the market. The pursuit of multiple functions brings new opportunities and challenges to electronics and electrical industries in their quest for smart manufacturing and CMF (color, materials and furnishing) concepts.

An All-around Technology Platform for E&E Industries

A vast number of advances and innovations serving the electronics and electrical industries and other downstream industries will be showcased by more than 1,000 materials suppliers and more than 3,400 exhibitors, such as Dow, BASF, DuPont, Polyplastics, Juner, Mitsubishi, SELON, TORAY, FANUC, ENGEL, Haitian, Arburg, and KUKA, etc. at CHINAPLAS 2017. A rich variety of advanced additives and processing techniques, including carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin, double shot molding, precision injection molding, nano molding technology and optical molds will be on display, facilitating electronics and electrical industries to reach new highs in intelligentization.

"Smart Manufacturing Technology Zone" to Present Industrial Automation Solutions

  • Following the "Smart Manufacturing Development Plan (2016-2020)" published in 2016, the electronics and electrical industries will undoubtedly speed up their transformation and upgrading processes. 
  • To achieve this goal, manufacturers would need to continually raise their level of automation and smart manufacturing in order to speed up product development and improve their product mix.

CHINAPLAS 2017 will feature a "Smart Manufacturing Technology Zone" to present solutions for industrial automation.
  • Apart from robotic arms, automated systems, controllers, actuators and sensors that were featured in previous editions of CHINAPLAS, visitors will have a chance to experience smart factory solutions. 
  • 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D printing software and 3D printing services will be displayed at the show and some suppliers in "Smart Manufacturing Technology Zone" are putting their 3D technology solutions as a focus of promotion. 
  • The exhibits, together with the concurrent event, the "2nd Industry 4.0 Conference", provide the essentials which facilitate smart manufacturing.

Second day of the "2nd Industry 4.0 Conference" is themed "E&E 4.0". Representatives from Wittmann Battenfeld and Arburg will give presentations on smart manufacturing technology and 4.0 solutions for the electronics and electrical industries. Mr. Anston Tan, principal of German Training Centre for Injection Molding, will deliver a speech on "Smart People, Smart Manufacturing". Panel discussion on "Efficient Individualization of Mass Produced Goods" will also be held. In addition, a seminar on applications of plastics in electronics and electrical industries will be held for experts to discuss ways to facilitate the development of consumer electronics and application areas.

CHINAPLAS 2017 to Facilitate the Integration of CMF Concept into Electronics and Electrical Industries

  • The concept of CMF (color, material and furnishing) in electronics and electrical industries is receiving unprecedented attentions nowadays. 
  • Consumers are more likely to choose products with fashionable appearances, stylish designs and bright colors. 
  • To cater for the market demand, a variety of environmentally friendly new materials and processes are utilized to give more attractive appearance, at the same time enabling new features such as easy cleaning, resistance to bacterial attachment and mildew proof. 
  • In addition, special treatments on these materials enable electrical products to possess anti-light aging and rub resistance properties, as well as more desirable textures. 
  • In this regard, visitors of will discover some special materials, such as extra-strong materials, materials for mold-in-color process, materials with high barrier and high transparency, boiling resistance, UV resistance, antibacterial materials, composite and biodegradable materials at the onsite fairground.

DuPont™ Zytel® HTNFE170016 Resin for E&E Industries
DuPont™ Zytel® HTNFE170016 Resin for E&E Industries
Apart from new materials, in the concurrent event of "Design x Innovation", sponsored by BASF, innovative products and prototypes made from advanced materials will also be showcased, including inflation free tires, racing-focused concept car, stylish children's smart toys and hybrid electronic equipment. It will inspire visitors on how plastics can optimize product design, structural and functional design in a variety of industries, including automotive, building and construction, leisure and lifestyle, and how to integrate the concept of CMF into electronics and electrical industries.

Exhibits at CHINAPLAS 2017

DuPont™ Zytel® HTNFE170016, Revolutionary Nylon-based Glass Fiber Reinforced Resin

  • DuPont™ Zytel® HTNFE170016 resin, a nylon-based glass fiber reinforced new material, features strength that can overshadow other general engineering polymers currently applied in laptop covers. 
  • With DuPont innovative glass fiber orientation technology and its high flowability property, this new material realizes lighter and thinner laptop designs instantly. 
  • In addition, it has fundamentally solved the deformation problem, becoming the ideal choice for bigger laptop cover design. Laptop designers can now make designs unrestrained.

ECO-COLOR® No Flow Lines, Analogue Spraying, Stereoscopic Aglimmer Plastic

  • As a high-performance environment-friendly decoration material, ECO-COLOR® no flow lines, analogue spraying, stereoscopic aglimmer plastic, developed by Shanghai Langyi New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., is widely used in household appliances, automotive interiors and exteriors, packaging and household chemical products. 
  • This material can be used for one step forming without spraying paints. 
  • The products made will be in bright colors with excellent polishing appearance and the cost will be reduced by about 30%. 
  • The material successfully breaks through the "flow mark" technology bottleneck which has troubled the industry for many years, and dramatically reduces the weld line, eliminating the need to modify mould while getting perfect appearance via injection.

SPEED - High Speed Injection Molding Machine from Chen Hsong Group
SPEED - High Speed Injection Molding Machine from Chen Hsong Group

SPEED High Speed Injection Molding Machine from the Chen Hsong Group

  • The SPEED series of small-to-medium-tonnage hydraulic injection molding machines launched by the Chen Hsong Group were developed with high-speed, high-performance and high precision in mind. 
  • Each features 1.5 seconds dry cycle and injection speed of 300mm/s. 
  • The machine is an ideal option for injection molding of mobile phone accessories, precision electronics and medical consumables at a high speed and a short cycle, and at the same time ensuring high repetition accuracy, stable dimensions, performance and quality. 
  • It can sustain long-term large-scale automated production.

New 3-color Vertical Injection Molding Machines

New 3-color vertical injection molding machines developed and produced by Modern Precision Plastics and Mould (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., can produce 3-color at a time. The machines offer high efficiency and quality, while reducing cost and manpower.

Nano Targeted Enhancement Technology
Nano Targeted Enhancement Technology

Multiple Functional Nano Targeted Enhancement Technologies

  • Tiangang and Tinaco jointly introduce "Nano Targeted Enhancement Technology (NTET)" and a series of innovative solutions to the plastics industry in CHINAPLAS 2017. 
  • This technology is based on nano encapsulation technologies which produce outstanding and unprecedented enhancements to plastics in areas like mechanical properties, anti-yellowing, weatherability, mould prevention, high fog applications, and so on.

LUXAN K: Exceptional Gloss for Transparent Materials

  • The new LUXAN K family provides exceptional luster in transparent foods and cosmetic packaging. 
  • It also suits automotive interior trim, household appliances, or sports and leisure goods. 
  • LUXAN K is exceptional in its high transparency and brilliance. Combining with dyes in particular, they add value to applications based on transparent resins. 
  • And they create both see-through and 3D effects. 
  • Meantime, LUXAN K combines extraordinary sparkles with high Chroma and unrivalled color intensity. 
  • With LUXAN K, shades such as "Piano Black" obtain an unmatched brilliance and convey a touch of sumptuousness. 
  • LUXAN K is approved for food contact. It is suitable for polyolefins, PVC and engineer plastics.

Well known suppliers and professional visitors will gather in CHINAPLAS 2017.

About CHINAPLAS 2017

CHINAPLAS 2017 is organized by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. and Beijing Yazhan Exhibition Services Ltd. and co-organized by China National Light Industry Council - China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, Guangdong Plastics Industry Association, Messe Düsseldorf China Ltd., the Plastic Trade Association of Shanghai. The event is also supported by various plastics and rubber associations in China and abroad.

First introduced in 1983, CHINAPLAS has been approved by UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) since 2006. CHINAPLAS has been exclusively sponsored by the Europe's Association for Plastics and Rubber Machinery Manufacturers (EUROMAP) in China for the 28th time. CHINAPLAS is currently one of the worlds and Asia's top plastics and rubber trade fairs.

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