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Concern about Sustainability & Global Climate Change Drives Market for Bioplastics: Visiongain

Published on 2014-11-07. Author : SpecialChem

The bioplastics market will reach a market value of $3.94 billion in 2014. The global bioplastics market is a small but significant sub-sector of the plastics industry. Bioplastics is an environment-friendly method that does not occupy landfills. Moreover, plants provide a cheap and sustainable alternative to their petroleum counterparts. In the coming years, economics, legislation and environmental issues will all drive policies to support sustainable growth across the nations and various industries. Bioplastics will have an increasing importance and market share in the plastics industry as well as a material in general over the coming years.

The plastics industry has been faced with continuous pressures from the government, consumers and the media and being coerced to consider how it can make its products more sustainable. Faced with pressing issues of high raw material costs and increased dependence on crude oil, ‘sustainable plastics’ has become a top priority for the plastic material sector. Manufacturers in response are constantly analyzing the changing market trends to innovate their products in order to stay in competition.

In recent times, new and stringent environmental protection regulations in the world have forced countries to rethink their environmental protection strategies. Major changes in the climate have made people more determined to become environmentally friendly. The plastic industry and in particular the plastic packaging industry like all other consumer goods industries reacted and began a series of innovations in sustainable packaging products. Moreover, with the decrease in available fossil fuel reserves and increase in cost of petrochemicals, industries require renewable resources to become sustainable.

Emerging new trends also often require changes in the laws and regulations which govern the market. This in turn causes substantial change in the investment plans directed at the development of new technologies to accommodate the new trends. As ecological considerations continue to rise, the bioplastics industry will also see a rise in investments to establish pollution prevention methods and equipment. Strong environmental movements in the EU, Japan and US raise a concern about sustainability, global climate change and waste disposal options, creating a market opportunity for natural compostable bioplastics.

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Source: Visiongain 

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