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DSM Partners with Berkeley to Develop Dyneema-based Nanofil Fishing Lines

Published on 2011-06-20. Author : SpecialChem

Hundreds of stronger-than-steel filaments of Dyneema® ensure the best-in-class performance of the new NanoFil fishing line which is being launched by Berkley, a brand of Pure Fishing.

The superb performance of the new line which will be available at Berkley outlets around the world is made possible by the patented Unified Filament Technology jointly developed by Berkley and DSM Dyneema. The line is a round and smooth 'uni-filament' made by this new technology, consisting of hundreds of much smaller, molecularly-linked filaments of Dyneema® which are seamlessly combined. The result is the finest spinning reel line available, but with maximum strength.

Berkley® NanoFil™ allows for effortless and accurate long casting with reduced drag in the air. And it simply slices through water. As a result of its sensitivity, bending ability and zero memory, it also provides a cleaner casting action, with fewer tangles and knots.

NanoFil line lends itself to a wide variety of techniques, but is most useful when anglers require an ultra small diameter line for greater casting yet also want the ultimate in sensitivity, in order to feel the subtlest of bites. "Unified Filament Technology is a unique development which has been made possible by our partnership with DSM Dyneema," said Jan van de Bovenkamp, Senior Product Manager at Pure Fishing. "Our cooperation has now allowed us to bring this new spinning reel line to the market."

"It is part of our ongoing strategy to work with key players in the various markets our customers serve, to create sustainable solutions that surpass what is already available," added Noud Steffens, Marketing Manager at DSM Dyneema. "Like us, Berkley has a strong commitment to innovation and we are very pleased that our work together has resulted in the commercial launch of NanoFil."

Dyneema® is incredibly versatile, with virtually limitless applications, not least in being 15 times stronger than steel on a weight-for-weight basis. Its low specific gravity also makes it ideal for lightweight solutions and its other key attributes include impressive chemical and UV resistance and excellent durability.

About DSM Dyneema

Royal DSM N.V. is a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials. By connecting its unique competences in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences DSM is driving economic prosperity, environmental progress and social advances to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. DSM delivers innovative solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance in global markets such as food and dietary supplements, personal care, feed, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotive, paints, electrical and electronics, life protection, alternative energy and bio-based materials.

About Pure Fishing

Pure Fishing is a global family of quality fishing tackle brands, offering a broad range of products that meet or exceed the needs of today's anglers. Their ingenious engineering created firsts in revolutionary reels; lightweight graphite rods; castable, high-strength fishing lines, and the most advanced soft baits. Pure Fishing is owned by Jarden Corporation, headquartered in Rye, N.Y. Jarden has over 25,000 employees worldwide.

Source: DSM Dyneema

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