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Dutch Companies Partner to Create Flame-retardant LFT PP Composites for Wide Applications

Published on 2011-06-13. Author : SpecialChem

ENSCHEDE, The Netherlands -- Resin (Products & Technology) B.V. and her partners, TULiPPS™ Solar B.V., Qolortech B.V. and voestalpine Plastics Solutions have developed a family of Long Fiber Thermoplastic (LFT) polypropylene (PP) composite materials.


These flame retarded (FR) thermoplastic composite materials contain a proprietary non-halogenated 'green' additives package that not only does NOT lead to significant reductions in key mechanical properties. Three new "industrial" color masterbatches were also developed for this new family of FR LFT PP composites to expand their color palette beyond basic "automotive black" and neutral (non-pigmented). The color formulations were specifically engineered to avoid any negative affect on mechanical properties as well.

LFT are high-performance composite materials from the automotive industry currently used in -- steel-replacing -- large constructive parts. The new combination of: 'green' flame-retarded performance, high strength and stiffness, very long service life, and outstanding 'end-of-service-life' recycling properties, will further boost the use of LFT PP composite materials in other industries such as housing & construction, industrial packaging, logistic products (pallets and crates) and consumer-goods industries.

The colored flame retarded LFT PP composite materials have been developed and tested for the new COSMOS™ solar photovoltaic lightweight module technology from TULiPPS Solar. Moreover, ECO-FORTE FR™ the new FR solution for polyolefins (incl. TPE, TPO) from RESIN and the new colors from Qolortech for LFT PP are now commercially available for customers in other industries. The COSMOS™ product development is sponsored by the PROVINCIE NOORD-BRABANT.

About RESIN (Products & Technology) B.V.

RESIN (Products & Technology) B.V. is a compounding company focusing on developing and commercializing environment friendly, specialty thermoplastic compounds and concentrates. RESIN offers rigid and elastomeric thermoplastic polyolefins whose performance has been enhanced in the functional areas of halogen-free flame retardance (ECO-FORTE FR™), improved barrier properties, and/or improved mechanical properties -- with or without colorant. RESIN serves a broad customer base in the automotive, construction, packaging, and consumer-goods industries.

About QolorTech B.V.

QolorTech B.V. is an independent producer and supplier of industrial coloring solutions for paint, printing, ink, plastic, and other color-use industries. The company provides its solutions in the form of pigments, pastes, mono-concentrates, masterbatches, and specialty additives.


TULiPPS SOLAR B.V. is currently developing COSMOS™ module prototypes for testing by early customers, and has a goal of being commercial by 2012 with innovative PV modules initially focused on light, flat roofs common to large industrial buildings. The patent-pending COSMOS™ PV module technology will reduce weight and costs, speed installation, increase energy output per unit area, lower maintenance, and improve functionality vs. conventional systems. The COSMOS™ product development is sponsored by the PROVINCIE NOORD-BRABANT.

About voestalpine Plastics Solutions

voestalpine Plastics Solutions, a division of the Austrian-based steel conglomerate voestalpine AG, specializes in the design and manufacture of structural and semi-structural injection- and compression-molded plastic products and solutions, with a particular expertise in plastic-metal hybrids. The company manufactures components for leading automotive and truck customers and their suppliers, as well as for a growing number of companies in the solar, mobility, and industrial-packaging markets. TULiPPS™ and COSMOS are trademarks of TULiPPS SOLAR INTERNATIONAL B.V. ECO-FORTE™ FR is a Trademark of RESIN (Products & Technology) B.V. All other trademarks are the property of their owners.

Source: RESIN (Products & Technology) B.V.

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