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Eastman’s Cellulosic Expertise Leads to High-performing Engineering Bioplastic

Published on 2017-05-16. Author : SpecialChem

Eastman TRĒVA™
KINGSPORT, Tenn. -- Eastman Chemical Company has introduced Eastman TRĒVA™, a breakthrough in engineering bioplastics that help global brands concurrently meet their sustainability and performance needs in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.

Breakthrough in Engineering Bioplastics

Burt Capel, vice president and general manager of Eastman’s Specialty Plastics business unit, said:
“Eastman leveraged nearly 100 years of cellulosic expertise in the design and testing of TRĒVA™ to meet the improved sustainability profile and performance needs of brands, fabricators, molders, and other companies across the value chain.”

Capel formally introduced the innovation to media at the CHINAPLAS Plastics & Rubber Trade Fair taking place in Guangzhou, China.

Three-fold Benefits of TRĒVA™

  • Sustainability, 
  • End-use performance 
  • Design and brand flexibility

Sustainability Benefits

TRĒVA™’s composition is about half cellulose, sourced from trees derived exclusively from sustainably managed forests that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The new material is BPA-free and phthalate-free.

Its excellent flow rates, durability and dimensional stability allow for less material usage, thinner parts, and longer product life, enhancing lifecycle assessments.

Cellulosic Expertise Leads to Engineering Bioplastic
Cellulosic Expertise Leads to Engineering Bioplastic

End-Use Performance

TRĒVA™ offers excellent chemical resistance, standing up better than other engineering thermoplastics to some of the harshest chemicals, including skin oils, sunscreens, and household cleaners.

The material’s low birefringence means eliminating the unwelcomed rainbow effect some plastics experience with polarized light, improving the user experience with electronic device screens and retail displays.

Design and Brand Flexibility

  • Excellent flow characteristics also enable design freedom, allowing TRĒVA™ to be used with complicated designs and in filling thin parts. 
  • Under recommended processing conditions, recent thin-wall 30 mil spiral flow testing shows that TRĒVA™ flow rates are significantly better than polycarbonate and polycarbonate/ABS blends, and comparable to ABS.

TRĒVA™ is designed to allow for superior surface gloss, clarity and warm touch and feel, enabled through a combination of the base material and Eastman’s technological expertise. The material also boasts great color saturation, and superior secondary processing and decorating capability, creating additional design and branding options.


TRĒVA™’s superior combination of sustainability and safety benefits, end-use performance improvements, and design and brand flexibility make it ideal material choice for the following applications:
  • Eyeglass frames, wearable electronics, headphones, and many other personal devices that come in direct contact with the skin; 
  • Electronic display applications, such as lenses and covers, that consumers need to see through; 
  • Electronics, housings, intricate cosmetics cases, and other products with high design and complex specifications; 
  • Automotive interior components wherein chemical resistance and aesthetics are desired; 
  • And other demanding applications with high sustainability and safety requirements.

Co-innovation with Eastman

Beyond developing innovative materials, Eastman has a long and productive history of working collaboratively with customers to ensure that their product design and development efforts are robust and streamlined, providing technical and design expertise to shorten time to market.

Burt Capel said:
“Eastman is committed to serving the unmet needs of current and potential customers. We’ve received a lot of early interest from brands across the globe and are excited to work closely with them to create the next generation of high-performance and sustainable products.”

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Source: Eastman Chemical Company
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