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ENGEL & StackTeck to Co-exhibit Injection Molding Machine for Closure Cap Production at Plast-Ex 2011

Published on 2011-06-16. Author : SpecialChem

Injection Molding Machine
ENGEL e-cap Injection Molding Machine

ENGEL North America, along with partner StackTeck Matrix, will demonstrate completely new standards in the production of closure caps at the Plast-Ex 2011 show in Toronto, Ontario, June 21st - 23rd, running a full production cell including the new all-electric ENGEL e-cap injection molding machine.

ENGEL North America, member of the ENGEL group, one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of injection molding machines and parts-handling automation, will exhibit a fully automated production cell at the upcoming Plast-Ex 2011 in Toronto, centered on the new ENGEL e-cap 2440/420 T US high speed, all-electric molding machine. The ENGEL machine will be running a 64 cavity 1881 mold producing Universal Closures "One Piece" CSD design from StackTeck Matrix (Brampton, ON). The mold incorporates a servo valve gated hot runner from Mold Masters (Georgetown, ON), providing for ease of system start up, faster and more uniform injection.

The ENGEL e-cap is the only fully electric solution for closure cap production on the market. The machine takes its high-performance genes from the proven e-motion series, which has been in the service of fully electric efficiency for many years with a robust 5-point toggle lever clamping unit to ensure fast, dynamic and high-precision movements, high plasticizing capacity and intelligent ENGEL CC 200 high-performance control. The ENGEL e-cap machine has been designed by ENGEL engineers to meet the special requirements of closure cap production.

Automation of the system on display at Plast-Ex 2011 utilizes the StackTeck Matrix 4e Closure Handling System, which provides a compact, efficient, and cost effective way to get de-molded closures from the mold to the box. The 4e strategy is founded on maintaining control and orientation of the finished closure throughout the post mold handling process. The 4e closure handling system uses industry standard communications protocol (E67) for communication with the other system elements, as it provides the interface flexibility which is essential. Robotic parts removal utilizing a Staubli 6 axis robot does not prejudice cycle time, but it does eliminate mold damage from trapped closures, and the closure damage and contamination that characterize free fall ejection.

The robotic part removal also provides an "On Demand" facility to present a complete and organized QA shot. The compact cooling and singulation system delivers closures conveniently for the in-line integration of secondary process such as laser etching, full internal and external vision inspection with solutions provided by IMD vista (Switzerland), offset printing, counting and boxing.

The ENGEL e-cap is engineered to meet the requirements for closure manufacturing with regard to short cycle times, maximum flexibility and low energy consumption. Compared to conventional hydraulic machines on the market, the ENGEL e-cap also consumes 40% less energy. The machine is positively geared to peak performance and maximum output, although it is extremely economical in terms of energy and cooling water. This peak performance is made possible thanks to fully electric drive technology combined with a series of sophisticated features, such as the latest powerful, premium quality injection unit, increased ejector force and a reinforced clamping drive. Thanks to the optimum process stability of the entire system, it achieves a maximum of good parts.

About StackTeck Matrix

StackTeck builds a wide spectrum of injection molds, and complete systems, matching product designs to the most effective and efficient production tooling solution in the industry.

About Engel

As one of the world market leaders, they offer integrated system solutions. This means: injection molding technology from a single source. Machine, mould project engineering, automation, process, training and service are all perfectly integrated with Engel.

Source: Engel

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