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Evonik and Farsoon Collaborate to Produce High-temperature Resistant 3DP Materials

Published on 2021-05-24. Edited By : SpecialChem

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evonik-farsoon-infinam Evonik and Farsoon are strengthening their collaboration in powder-based 3D printing. Both companies aim to open up market access to new large-scale industrial applications in the higher temperature range.

Combined Material and Machinery Expertise

Evonik is contributing its expertise in polymer-based 3D printing materials and Farsoon its expertise from powder-based 3D printers to the joint effort. As a part of this, Evonik has already successfully tested the ready-to-use polymer powder INFINAM® PA 6005 P (polyamide 613) with higher temperature resistance on Farsoon's ST252P and HT403P series machines. The development of new formulations is underway.

"Close collaboration between material and machine manufacturers is essential to open up new 3D applications. The results of the test series are clear: INFINAM® PA 6005 P with its higher melting point of 215 °C can not only be excellently processed on Farsoon's ST252P and HT403P machines, but also reused. We have thus achieved a market-ready synergy," says Wolfgang Diekmann, director innovation management additive manufacturing at Evonik.

INFINAM® PA 6005 P is a high-performance powder from Evonik's polyamide 6 series. The material has high mechanical strength, high chemical and temperature resistance, and low water absorption - below 3 percent. The latter has a positive effect on processability in the 3D printing process and the dimensional stability of the printed component. The objects printed from the PA 613 powder material impress with high stiffness and mechanical stability, even in thin-walled constructions.

Outstanding Technology Supports New Applications

Farsoon's machines offer configuration options that can reach process chamber temperatures of up to 220°C (HT) or up to 280°C (ST). Improved thermal controls, temperature-protected components and open parameters provide customers with the ability to process high-performance polymers such as Evonik's PA 613 with excellence.

The machines are equipped with high-speed scanners and powerful lasers. The high productivity of component production makes series applications increasingly accessible.

"We are very pleased to be able to offer further opportunities to the additive manufacturing market by proactively supporting new applications in the higher temperature range," says Dr. Dirk Simon, Managing Director of Farsoon Europe GmbH and responsible for polymer material topics in Farsoon's Global Management Team. "The excellent compatibility of our SLS machines with Evonik's polymer powders, as well as the very interesting property profile of PA613 components, form important.

Polymer Powders for Powder-based 3D Printing

New polymer powder in Evonik's polyamide 6 series with its nearly round grain shape stands out for excellent flowability and application properties, making it suitable for all powder-based 3D printing technologies. A proprietary procedure of Evonik is employed to produce the high-temperature material at the company’s Marl site.

Evonik bundles its expertise in 3D printing in the groups’ additive manufacturing innovation growth field. The strategic focus is on the development and production of new high-performance materials for all major polymer-based 3D printing technologies. In this context, Evonik has organized its product range under the new INFINAM® brand and is driving forward 3D printing as a large-scale industrial manufacturing technology along the entire value chain.

Source: Evonik
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