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Teijin and Fujitsu Launch Project to Promote Sustainability of Composites for Bicycles

Published on 2023-01-25. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Fujitsu and Teijin Launch Project to Promote Sustainability of Composites for BicyclesFujitsu Limited and Teijin Limited announced the launch of a joint project running from January to March 2023 to enhance the environmental value of recycled resources in the production of bicycle frames together with V Frames GmbH and E Bike Advanced Technologies GmbH.

Tracing GHG Emissions within Industry

As part the trials, Teijin and Fujitsu will leverage a blockchain-based commercial platform launched in July 2022 to promote the sustainable use of recycled materials, tracing and management of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within the environmentally conscious bicycle industry.

By implementing a business model that maximizes the environmental value from recycled materials, Teijin and Fujitsu aim to contribute to the further development of the carbon fiber recycling market and the realization of a circular economy. Following the successful conclusion of the joint trials, Teijin and Fujitsu will promote the implementation of the new platform, with the aim of commercialization in fiscal 2023.

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Source: Teijin Limited

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