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ILLIG at Fakuma 2014: To Present UA 100Ed Sheet Processing Machine of UA Series

Published on 2014-08-07. Author : SpecialChem

HEILBRONN, Germany -- Sheet processing machines of the UA series will be the core element of ILLIG's trade fair appearance at this year's Fakuma, Friedrichshafen, October 14 — 18. The legendary, upgraded ILLIG UA 100Ed will be presented at the stand, beginning this fall it will be available again as standard version. The UA 100Ed, designed with a forming area of 960 mm x 560 mm, is a universal machine with manual loading — a high-performance "entry-level machine" with attractive price-performance ratio. The central supply of cooling air employed for cooling of formed parts, a technology module developed by ILLIG for UA-g machines, will be another focus of the trade fair appearance. And this new technology where cooling air is aspirated in a controlled way helps to maintain a constantly high part quality almost regardless of climatic influences.

ILLIG UA 100Ed — the high-performance entry-level machine

In response to many requests ILLIG added the previous generation of today's UA 100g sheet processing machine, the UA 100Ed machine which had been built for two decades up to 2002, again to the delivery scope as further machine. The completely servo driven and process controlled UA 100g sheet processing machine, equipped with a forming area of 960 mm x 660 mm, meets all current demands in terms of flexibility, cycle speed and product quality. But still especially contractors, training institutions, sheltered workshops, but also material manufacturers and tool makers expressed their interest in this high-performance standard machine which is easy to operate and still employed today in large numbers. Thanks to the revised UA 100Ed, the numerous molds designed and built for this machine can still be used without modification.

The machine which was revised due to changed production conditions and current safety technology provisions is available only as basic machine without expansion level variants.

Two equipment options are available to expand the basic machine: An additional upper table and the so-called loose part control required for demolding of parts with more pronounced undercuts. Further innovations realized in the current UA 100Ed include, among other elements, a high-performance vacuum pump, reinforced cooling fans with four adjustable air exhaust elements, two on the operating side and opposite side each, as well as ceramic infrared heater elements employed to heat up the material to forming temperature. Instead of white FSR heater elements used in the past, HTSs heater elements equipped with a special black glaze are employed now. By using these heater elements energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30 %.

The PLC control equipped with a high-resolution TFT screen and the new task-oriented user interface for today's ILLIG machines is also a new feature. A clearly structured screen page is available for manual machine operation including status display. The most important setting data are summarized on the "Auto" operating page, consequently the machine operator does not have to open further screen pages during production. Further pages are available for machine setters.

Central cooling air supply — product quality and productivity on constantly high level

In the central cooling air supply the cooling air required for cooling the formed parts is not aspirated from the heated-up surrounding air on the upper part of the machine which was the standard way to do before. Moreover, it is aspirated from defined, cooler areas, i.e. about the level of the machine base or even outside the production hall. With changing climatic conditions in production the practice used before frequently caused problems in process control, productivity and product quality especially during hot summer months.

Measurements revealed that the cooling air aspirated from the upper part of the machines is always approx. 20°C warmer than the room temperature prevailing at head height. During winter months where hall temperatures at head height are about 20°C, the aspirated cooling air has a temperature of about 40°C. And during summer months, with temperatures of about 40°C at head height, it has a temperature of about 60°C. When conditions are especially unfavorable, e.g. in very low production halls, even cooling air temperatures of 65°C to 70°C were measured. As a result, cooling times in summer inevitably had to be extended, sometimes even significantly, and frequently formed parts were clearly distorted due to non-uniform cooling.

Shorter cooling times and thus reliable cycle speeds with improved reproducibility of the cooling process can be achieved by employing the new ILLIG technology for controlled aspiration of cooling air of almost uniform, low temperature, even if temperatures in the production hall are higher. Frequently, colder cooling air also allows a reduction of the mold temperature which additionally supports cooling time reduction and thus cycle time reduction. And, at the same time, a reduced cycle time results in reduced energy consumption of the thermoformer in general.

The new, central supply of cooling air is also available with a cover above the forming station with integrated elements to allow connection of a suction device. Thus evaporations developing as a result of material heating can be discharged in a controlled way. In addition to a reliable forming process this adds to an improved indoor environment quality in the production hall.


ILLIG is among the global leading suppliers of high-performance production lines and molds for thermoforming plastic materials as well as of solutions for the packaging industry. The company's product and services portfolio comprises the development, design, fabrication, installation and start-up of complex manufacturing lines and individual components. With branch establishments and agencies in over 80 countries, ILLIG is locally present in all markets around the globe. For more than 65 years, this owner-managed enterprise has been serving its worldwide clientele as a reliable partner in cost-efficient thermoplastic molding of sophisticated precision parts backed by innovative technology of unsurpassed quality and a comprehensive worldwide after-sales support.

Source: ILLIG

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