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KRAIBURG TPE Joins Forces with APTA to Grow TPE Presence in Automotive Market

Published on 2023-03-31. Edited By : SpecialChem

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KRAIBURG Partners with APTA Resinas KRAIBURG TPE Americas partners with APTA Resinas in Brazil, South America. APTA Resinas (APTA) specializes in the development of applications and commercialization of thermoplastic engineering resins and polyolefins.

Strengthening Presence in Brazilian TPE Market

APTA and KRAIBURG TPE (KTPE) fostered a business relationship in mid-2022 and officially joined forces in February 2023 to locally represent KRAIBURG TPE in the Brazilian TPE market. This partnership aims to grow the thermoplastic elastomer presence in the automotive market by providing specialty compounds with exceptional elasticity, thermoplastic processing, flexibility, and adhesion to various substrates.

KRAIBURG TPE has over 30 years of experience, and combined with APTA’s regional reach and expertise, they strive to provide precise custom-engineered material solutions and efficient service. With APTA’s regional know-how and KRAIBURG TPE’s technical knowledge and global OEM material approvals in the automotive segment, the alliance is poised for mutual beneficial. “With a noteworthy market share in Brazil, and an in-depth market analysis conducted in specific South American Countries, we understood that the TPE demand in Latin America is prevalent and to participate in it, we needed a strategic partner that would aid us in achieving our growth goals. APTA has been the precise fit the Brazilian market” stated Alberto Oba, sales and marketing director for KRAIBURG TPE Americas.

High Quality TPE with Exemplary Customer Support

KRAIBURG TPE and APTA both embody extensive experience in the automotive manufacturing industry and understand that durable, quality driven polymers drive the interior, exterior and under the hood applications for OEMs.

Both companies have lined up a series of high-performance grades that stand out with their mechanical, chemical, weathering and thermal resistance properties. Resulting in more efficient, lighter and robust applications. The new partnership will continuously provide high quality TPE and exemplary customer support to ensure customer satisfaction. With APTA’s local resources coupled with a sound strategy in the South American region, the partnership will surely aid numerous OEMs and molders.

As part of the support strategy and focus on this new alliance, APTA and KTPE will be participating in this year’s International Plastic Fair (Plásticos Brasil) in Sao Paulo, Brazil from March 27th to 31st.



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