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KraussMaffei to Demonstrate Energy Efficient Injection Molding Machines at FAKUMA 2011

Published on 2011-08-09. Author : SpecialChem

Increasing productivity and efficiency in injection molding cells is the central theme of KraussMaffei's booth at the Fakuma 2011 (hall A7, booth 7303). The company's varied offering of energy and resource-efficient production solutions is bundled in its BluePower concept. The KraussMaffei booth will feature low to medium tonnage machines hydraulic and electric machines from its CX, AX and EX series which will be demonstrating their impressive performance during the Fakuma. The injection molding machines are combined with fast linear robots or integrated industrial robots in flexible manufacturing cells with footprints up to 40% smaller than conventional automation solutions.

Injection Molding Machine

BluePower - wide choice of modules for energy savings with extra benefits

"What we've done is to optimize energy efficiency right across our product portfolio and also to introduce additional BluePower machine modules. The BluePower approach starts with systematically analyzing every aspect of a specific production situation. Using this data, we develop a customized solution to boost energy efficiency," sums up Dr. Karlheinz Bourdon, the Managing Board Member with Special Responsibility for the Injection Molding Division at KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH. "The custom approach enables us to identify savings potential very accurately so as to achieve the maximum cut in consumption. Energy consumption can be slashed by as much as 50%."

A prime example of peak energy efficiency in injection molding is KraussMaffei's AX series of all-electric injection machines. The AX series includes 12 machine tonnages. On KraussMaffei's Fakuma booth, an AX 350-1400, currently the biggest all-electric machine marketed by KraussMaffei, will be producing technical components of the sort typically used in the automotive industry. A standalone LR-S 150 linear robot demolds the parts and places them on a conveyor belt.

The movements of the clamp and the robot are perfectly coordinated, resulting in very short part removal times and extreme precision. Outstanding engineering also makes it possible to implement even very challenging part removal tasks reliably and quickly. Also on the booth will be the smallest representative of the AX series, an AX 50-180, which will be making precision parts for the electrical/electronics industry. KraussMaffei offers a huge choice of options for the AX series, ensuring that the machines can be readily adapted for many specialized applications in different industries. At the Fakuma, visitors will see how BluePower barrel insulation cuts energy losses and how the extensive functions of the BluePower energy analysis help operating staff to optimize machine settings in production situations.

Inmold assembly

Another magnet for visitors at the Fakuma is likely to be a swivel-platen machine - in this case a CXW 200-380/160 SpinForm the message here will be integrated assembly to boost production efficiency. "The lightweight, three-part plastic closures made of polypropylene (PP) are produced on a machine using innovative cube technology. They come out of the machine ready to assemble," emphasizes Frank Peters head of the Reaction Molding Division. Working together with the moldmaker Zahoransky, KraussMaffei engineers designed the whole system for highest productivity and a small footprint. The two-platen clamp of the CX series offers ideal access to the mold and ample space for the integrated assembly stations.

The two injection units are positioned centrally opposite each other, making it possible to use simple hot-runner systems with natural balancing and short flow paths. This reduces the volumes of melt in the hot runners, making for simpler process management and consistent part quality. In the hydraulic machine, a BluePower servo pump drive delivers maximum energy efficiency. energy-saving servo motors move the swivel platen in the opening direction and swivel it with absolute positional precision. This control and precision is of enormous importance for the repeatability of the assembly process. The manufacturing cell, with reduced consumption of energy, space and other resources, produces assembly-ready closures. It's a brilliant example of optimal production efficiency and cost-competitive unit manufacturing costs.

Compact and versatile

Combining the compact two-platen CX 35-180 injection molding machine with an integrated IR 50 I industrial robot creates a universal manufacturing cell for the toy industry. It takes up 25% less space than a conventional automation solution. Production is flexible; using various family molds, the cell produces complete sets of parts, which are automatically removed from the mold, checked and packed in bags. These bags can be transported directly to the picking zone or to dispatch. This system avoids the normal case of intermediate storage plus separate picking and packaging, all with a significant risk of contamination.

Small modules with a big impact

All the machines on the KraussMaffei booth are fitted with a central computer interface, so that production locations can be reliably networked. Using KraussMaffei's Mobile Assistant, a smartphone solution, owners and operators can check the operating status and production data of their machines at any time and from anywhere in the world. The Mobile Assistant is simple to use and the data selected by customers are shown in a clear and coherent format. KraussMaffei developed the application in cooperation with a software partner, T.I.G. Technische Informationssysteme GmbH from Rankweil/Austria. The solution installed at the Fakuma not only guarantees fast access to production machine data, but also safeguards customer data from illegal access and meets all data security requirements likely to be set by company IT networks. Another module captures and monitors the temperature, pressure and flow volume of the cooling medium via an electronic manifold. It's part of the answer for applications requiring complete process documentation. The actual and target values are stored and managed together with the machine parameters. Electronic water manifolds also make it simpler to identify errors in the cooling system. This adds an extra level of security against production stoppages, by speeding up reliable identification of incorrectly connected hoses in the mold or blocked cooling channels.

Partnerships and networks underline system competence

Other KraussMaffei machines will be in action on the booths of some of the company's partners. An all-electric EX 80-380 SilcoSet, fitted with CleanForm cleanroom modules for a clean mold area, will be producing feeding bottle teats from liquid silicone rubber (LSR) on the booth of Max Petek Reinraumtechnik (hall A7, booth 7407). With their dynamic responses and extreme precision, machines from the EX series are the ideal choice for challenging, high-spec products. Engineered absolutely for cleanliness, performance and precision, they can be used in solutions that comply with cleanroom classes up to Class A GMP. On the gwk booth (hall B1, booth 1205), visitors can watch a compact manufacturing cell (a CX 80-750 with an integrated IR 50 I robot) producing parts with premium surfaces, without visible welds, using DMH (Dynamic Mold Heating). The robot is integrated in the standard housing of the machine. This saves 40% of the space required for a system where a robot is positioned beside the injection molding machine.

Temperatures in the mold heating system and in the heating and cooling circuits are precisely controlled by the machine control system, which communicates in real time with peripheral devices via a Varan bus. Temperature profiles during the injection and cooling phases can be repeated precisely. CX machines are generously engineered to take the large molds frequently used for products with high-quality surfaces, such as covers, lids and frames. High platen parallelism, achieved by a high-performance locking system, helps to maintain the excellent product quality. On the Kistler booth (hall A3, booth 3104), an all-hydraulic, two-platen CX 50-180 machine will be injection molding technical products in a multi-cavity, hot-runner mold. The large mold fixing platens make it possible to mount big molds with multiple cavities. The mold zone is designed for easy access for operators and for peripheral equipment. This machine, from a tried-and-tested series, is fitted with an energy-saving, servo hydraulic pump drive. The Fakuma machine also demonstrates the ability of predictive quality forecasting to ensure the reliability and repeatability of processes. This forecasting system can predict quality features of products during the injection molding process. Automatic hot runner balancing, based on actual cavity pressures, reduces temperature differences in the different cavities.

About KraussMaffei Berstorff

KraussMaffei Berstorff GmbH designs, manufactures, and supplies machines and lines for the production and processing of plastics and rubber. The company offers extrusion technology, vulcanizing technology, TPE monoprofile lines, TPE coextrusion lines, rubber-TPE-hybrid profile lines, multiplex extrusion lines, and roller-head lines; and roll covering machinery systems, such as covermatic systems, crossed extrusion systems, and strip-winding systems. It also provides twin screw extruders; film and sheet extrusion lines, including thermoforming sheets, PET films, engineering film sheets, plastic sheets, and fabric-reinforced sheets; and systems to make insulated pipes. In addition, the company offers melt-fed single-screw extruders, such as discharge extruders, vented extruders, and cooling extruders; and foam extrusion systems, such as form boards, foam sheets, foam tubes and profiles, and beads. Further, it provides service and maintenance packages. The company was founded in 1892 and is based in Hannover, Germany with additional offices in Shanghai and Beijing, China; and Moskau, Russia. KraussMaffei Berstorff GmbH operates as a subsidiary of KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH.

Source: KraussMaffei Berstorff

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