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Mitsui Introduces Syndiotactic Elastomer NOTIO™SN for Wide Applications

Published on 2011-08-11. Author : SpecialChem

JAPAN -- Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. announced the launching of a new product, a syndiotactic elastomer NOTIO™SN. The company manufactures and widely distributes elastomers (flexible polymeric materials) for uses which include automotive, packaging, and construction materials.

NOTIO™SN is a controlled nano-structure elastomer produced using proprietary metallocene catalyst, whose current manufacturing plant is situated within Ichihara Works.

Mitsui Chemicals currently manufactures and distributes an alpha-olefin-based elastomer, NOTIO™PN, which has a crystalline structure controlled in nano-order using characteristics of metallocene catalysts. NOTIO™PN has superior heat resistance, flexibility, and rubber elasticity, and is widely used in sheets, films, hoses, tubing, and other packing materials.

The new NOTIO™SN has a syndiotactic structured molecular chain, and in addition to characteristics of NOTIO™PN, has superior abrasion and scratch resistance when compared with current olefin elastomers. NOTIO™SN is highly adaptable to extrusion and shows good adaptability to calendaring manufacturing techniques. As NOTIO™SN has qualities such as the above-mentioned, which were not previously possible in olefin elastomers, demand for its use in synthetic leathers is expected.

Synthetic leathers made using NOTIO™SN are lightweight, wear and moisture resistant, phthalate-free (esters of phathalic acid are used as plasticizers), organic solvent-free, and scentless. In addition, NOTIO™SN is highly compatible with olefin polymers and by combining it with such materials, adjustment of flexibility and control of processing conditions are facilitated. It is also compatible with polyolefin polymer additives, fillers, and pigments making mixture easy.

Test marketing of the synthetic leathers showed it to be highly evaluated by leading customers and good market potential is seen in areas including automotive materials, bags, shoes, wear, furniture, stationery goods, and other applications.

Mitsui Chemicals will continue to pursue development of uses for NOTIO™SN and strategically positions the product as a next generation core product of its elastomers business.

About Mitsui & Co.

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. has been providing various customers worldwide with integrated solutions which combine advanced functions of marketing, financing, logistics and risk management. As a result, Mitsui has established strong relationships with key customers throughout the world and has accumulated in-depth understanding of business and regions. Headquartered in Tokyo, Mitsui maintains a global network of 151 offices in 66 countries, as well as 461 subsidiaries and associated companies worldwide.

Source: Mitsui

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